Jude Bellingham’s explanation to UEFA after the gesture that could leave him out of the quarterfinals

Jude Bellingham was England’s hero in their passage to the quarterfinals: his days at the European Championship could be numbered.

Jude Bellingham will have to explain himself to UEFA for the gesture he made after scoring an overhead kick and giving England a place in the quarterfinals of the European Championship, which is currently being played on German soil.

The English footballer, after scoring the goal that forced extra time in the last minute, put his hands to his private parts, something that has been investigated by UEFA and that he will have to justify as it is considered an indecent gesture.

European football’s governing body investigated whether Bellingham violated the rules of “decent conduct”. The Telegraph claims that the Three Lions ace will not deviate from his stance when questioned by UEFA. This means that Bellingham will explain that it was a joke among teammates.

It is not understood that UEFA should get involved in this type of almost anecdotal matter that responds to a moment of excitement. However, it seems that the eagerness for prominence in the tournament is wide.

If UEFA finally decides to punish Bellingham for this reason, he could miss anything from the quarter-final match against Switzerland, to the rest of the European Championship, as we will find out in the coming days. But it would be very strange for UEFA to take legal action of this type and not punish the footballer with an economic sanction if they believe he exceeded with his gesture.

Bellingham, England’s leader

And the thing is that England would not lose just anyone, they would lose the one who is now their reference point despite the strong criticism of the Real Madrid footballer from the English press. Criticism that turned into praise after his great overhead kick goal.

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