Surprise in France: Qatar meets with Mbappé to try to re-sign with PSG

A meeting is announced between Qatar and Mbappé to try to re-sign him with PSG.

It all started in the middle of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where PSG was already beginning to see that the chances of retaining Kylian Mbappé beyond June 30, 2024 were practically impossible. This is how the meeting went down, where even the favor of Emmanuel Macron was sought so that the French star would reject joining Real Madrid.

But at the beginning of February 2024, it was revealed that the Emir of Qatar and his entire leadership in France went a step further. Chef Alain Ducasse tells La Línea Roja how secret meetings were held where the aim was to prevent Kylian Mbappé from accepting a move to Real Madrid. That reception in Paris by the top official from Doha was not just that.

“He is to my right. He is very kind, pleasant. I quickly understood that it was a lobbying dinner to try to keep Kylian Mbappé at PSG. Several people tried to convince him, but his decision had been made. Nothing would change his mind,” says Alain Ducasse about what happened in that month of February in the French capital. Everything was already practically closed with the Whites.

Madrid avoided all kinds of boycotts

In contrast to 2022, the key to the Whites’ success was based on asking for conditions as commitments to Mbappé. On this occasion, Kylian did not delay, avoided any kind of convulsive scenarios and by that time various journalists, both Spanish and French, pointed out that everything was closed with Real Madrid.

The curious thing about the chef’s confessions is to understand how the Emir of Qatar’s visit to Paris in that month of February seems to have not only been for political reasons. Doha burned all its ships to seek a 180-degree turn similar to 2022, which on this occasion was far from reaching fruition.

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