Hansi Flick Gives the Green Light for João Félix’s Signing

Hansi Flick Gives the Green Light for João Félix's Signing by Barça

João Félix will remain at Barça if a loan deal with Atlético Madrid is finalized. Hansi Flick has not only given his full approval for his continuity in the Blaugrana team but is also convinced that he can be one of the key pieces of the new project. The German coach has been spending a lot of time analyzing the team’s play and does not understand the Portuguese player’s limited participation in the final stretch of the season, as he sees him as a decisive player. Everything will depend on the economic conditions being favorable, although he counts on him regardless.

Barça president Joan Laporta explained a few days ago that Flick had already tried to sign him for Bayern Munich, considering João Félix to be a good market opportunity, according to Sport. He sees him as an ideal player to break lines through the middle and create attacking superiority. A very good complement to Lewandowski’s attacking runs, something that worked well in the early matches of this season but waned from January onwards.

The German coach could have already spoken with João Félix himself to explain his future plans and make it clear that he is going to bet on him. The two know each other and Flick is clear that he is going to take a step forward for a footballer who creates certain doubts in the environment but who has lacked rhythm this season. And the fact is that the new Barça coach believes that João Félix should play more regularly to maintain his spark on the pitch. In fact, his problems at Atlético Madrid began when he started to rotate with the bench, as he is a player who tends to disconnect.

Flick’s challenge will be to fit João Félix into the team. And he has no doubts. At Barça, one of the things they didn’t like about Xavi was the ostracism of the player in the second phase of the season when the coach himself ended up giving the OK to his incorporation in the summer. It is true that he was not his first option but he agreed to incorporate him and in the first few matches he made him perform well to then leave him on the bench and use him in inconsequential matches. João Félix was not a starter in any of the key matches of the season despite having scored vital goals: two against Atlético and one against Porto.

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Both the player and João Félix’s entourage are grateful for Flick’s rescue of the player. Xavi Hernández had asked for his departure from the project despite the fact that the sporting director, Deco, had always acknowledged that they were going to count on him. The forward already knows Barça’s intentions and is willing to give his all in what he considers could be the most important season of his career. With the confidence of a coach, he believes that he can give his best version. Curiously, Flick would have João Félix’s continuity much clearer than Cancelo’s, as he believes that Barça has suffered too much at the full-back positions.

From now on, it is João Félix’s agent, Jorge Mendes, who must do the work to extend his loan. There is a certain urgency at Atlético, although the European Championship will give some breathing space for all parties. And the fact is that the Colchoneros do not want to bring the player in to do part of the preseason with the team. They consider that it would create an unnecessary mess and they are going to try to avoid it at all costs because Simeone does not even want to see him.

The Blaugrana club does not intend to pay more than they have paid this season and is open to studying all kinds of formulas, but believes that they have the upper hand as João Félix wants to continue at Barça and will reject all other offers that come his way during the summer. They are doomed to understand each other and they will do so when Barça has the sufficient salary limit for it. João will also make an effort to continue as he did last season. And now even more so with Flick, a coach who, it seems, can indeed bet on him in the starting eleven. That is his idea.

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