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Guardiola’s Request: It’s Not Rodrygo, City Stashes £175 Million to Sign Madrid Star

The English club wants to continue strengthening its project for the medium and long-term future. Therefore, in addition to thinking about future signings, they also want to be prepared for operations that may arise in the future.

Guardiola seems increasingly clear that he will leave the club in 2025, but he has left one reflection. And that is to always have between £180 and £200 million available to undertake the possible signing of Bellingham “in case he ever wants to return to England.”

The Spanish coach wants Manchester City to be very attentive, in case Jude considers returning to his country in the coming years. At the moment, it does not seem that this will happen soon, because the player is adapting very well to Madrid, Spain and Real Madrid.

However, in football anything can happen, and there are situations that change in a matter of months. That is why a club like Manchester City, which aims to aspire to fight for all the titles in the coming years, must be aware of this type of thing, in order to get ahead of any other team.

A Special Talent

What the English footballer has done at just 20 years of age is something that has surprised the entire football world, because there are few people capable of adapting so well and so quickly to Real Madrid at that age.

In addition, we have not yet seen Bellingham’s best matches. That is why they are very excited in Madrid, because he will continue to play surrounded by the best in the world, and next season he will play in his position.

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