MARCA reveals the small print of Mbappé’s contract

MARCA and Carlos Carpio explain the small print of Mbappé’s contract with Real Madrid. There are key points to consider.

Much has been said about Kylian Mbappé’s first contract with Real Madrid. Carlos Carpio, one of MARCA’s leading figures, reveals the small print of the white team’s employment contract with a player who has been expected at the club since 2017. There is a lot to put into context.

“The thing is that the information comes through several channels. It is confirmed that he will earn 15 million the first year and 20 million the last. They didn’t want to give him more because when CR7 was at the club they interpret that there would be big differences with the rest of the squad, Vinicius and Bellingham. They want the salary to be the same as the strongest names,” Carlos Carpio began with Siro López.

An agreement where everyone wins: “I also have confirmed the image rights. Mbappé gave in on his salary, why he gave in, and Madrid has done so with this issue. He has given in a lot. 80% of the rights will be for the player and 20% for the club… Mbappé is going to earn a lot of money at Madrid for this concept. He doesn’t have to be paid out of the club’s coffers and that’s where the club sees it as positive.”

Everything balanced

“From the club they tell you that it’s 40 million and from the player’s entourage they say 100. I’m not able to say who’s right in this sense. It’s both figures, but both sides acknowledge that the issue of rights and salary has been agreed upon. The potential of the club as a brand and the player is a mega deal,” the journalist concluded on the subject.

This is how Kylian Mbappé’s first contract would look like at a Real Madrid that is waiting until July 1, 2024 to start the player’s full arrival at a club that in no way feels harmed by the agreement signed. There will be a shower of millions for both.

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