PSG and Mbappé at odds over severance pay

PSG and Mbappé at odds over severance pay

If Kylian Mbappé’s time at PSG has not been smooth sailing, at least in the last year, his departure from the Parisian club to Real Madrid is not going to be a bed of roses either, as Nasser Al Khelaïfi is not willing to open the door wide for him at the Parc des Princes.

According to the newspaper ‘L’Équipe‘ on its front page this Wednesday, the economic agreement between both parties is not closed and, for the moment, PSG and Mbappé’s advisors have not reached an economic agreement for his severance pay.

The French newspaper explains in its information that PSG has not paid Kylian his April salary and there is also no agreement on an 80 million euro bonus that he has owed him since last February.

Irreconcilable positions

And no, it’s not a matter of lawyers or aggressive executives. ‘L’Équipe’ explains that the person who is personally managing this operation is the club’s president, Nasser Al Khelaïfi, who is already known for not taking it too well when squad players want to leave the dressing room of their own accord.

As will be remembered, Mbappé was banned from the daily routine of the first team coached by Luis Enrique Martínez for refusing to renew. The situation seemed to be resolved at the end of the summer and Kylian returned to play once it seemed that he had made peace with Al Khelaïfi and renounced one of the bonuses he had signed, in the form of loyalty, in exchange for receiving the rest.

PSG agreed to pay the rest of the bonuses although deferred, in February 2024. When it came to the crunch, this was not the case, arguing that it was not clear what was happening with the famous 80 million euros of the loyalty clause and that, in any case, it would be the destination club – everything indicates that Real Madrid – that would have to pay him a signing-on fee.

Apparently, the PSG president flew into a rage in February when he received another ‘no’ for answer to a last renewal proposal. What seemed like a friendly peace was actually a tense truce. Once the season is over and the sporting objectives have been met, the economic clash between both parties has returned, added to the spite of the Qatari leader, and at the moment an agreement seems “difficult”.

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Mbappé and Al Khelaïfi are not talking

President and player have broken off relations and it is the lawyers who are battling it out on the virtual negotiating table, although it is evident that Al Khelaïffi and Mbappé are setting the strategies established after the emails exchanged by both parties.

PSG insists on requesting a written commitment from Mbappé in which he keeps his word to forgive 80 million euros, while the player’s entourage demands the April salary that he is owed and suggests that the benches and the reduction of minutes in the League and the Cup -another thing was the Champions League- would have been a kind of punishment induced by Al Khelaïfi. A far-fetched idea, considering Luis Enrique’s character and his way of managing the dressing rooms.

Real Madrid, waiting

Meanwhile, Florentino Pérez and Real Madrid are waiting to be able to announce Mbappé’s signing while they attend to the other French front: they have already made it very clear that they will not release Kylian to play in the Paris Olympics with France.

Real Madrid has chosen to maintain the silence and discretion of the last few months because it does not want to be splashed in a confrontation that it understands does not concern it. Its objective is to make a signing that it has been pursuing for several seasons and that has caused it several upsets and reputational damage to its image at some points. Now, it is Mbappé and PSG who have to solve their economic and personal differences. They have until June 30th…

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