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Cádiz, Almería, and Granada Seek Captains to Salvage Their Sunken Ships

Almería is close to convincing Rubi when it seemed like he was going to Osasuna. Cádiz and Granada are eyeing the same coach, the Sevillian Guille Abascal. Diego Martínez is also in the mix.

Granada, Almería, and Cádiz have been the unfortunate protagonists of an unprecedented debacle. First, the infamous ‘five-team Andalusian curse’ was confirmed, you know, every time five teams from Andalusia coincide in La Liga, at least one is relegated. And secondly, the unprecedented: it’s the first time that three clubs from the same region have lost their category at once. And Andalusia has this unfortunate honor.

These three clubs are trying to remedy their delirious campaign and have set out to find a new coach. Sandoval, Pepe Mel, and Pellegrino will not continue. Of the three, the second had hopes of continuing because he was the only one capable of ensuring that his team ended their stint with dignity, managing to leave the bottom spot that Almería had occupied since matchday five and also scratching a million euros at the expense of Granada, who ended up bruised, sunk, and shaken.

But the team presided over by Turki Al Sheikh has other plans. The chosen one as the main candidate to lead the Almería squad is Joan Francesc Ferrer Sicilia, ‘Rubi’. He is the only coach out of the nine since the Saudi took ownership of the club who has completed two seasons. In his case, it was two seasons; in the first, he promoted to La Liga, and in the second, he secured survival.

Rubi was in advanced talks with Osasuna, but Turki’s insistence has changed the scenario. The likely ‘yes’ from the Catalan coach closes the doors to Mel and prompts Osasuna to look for other plans. And now, the ‘pole position’ is held by Vicente Moreno.

The Valencian was at the top of the list for Granada for being a coach with two promotions to La Liga with Mallorca and Espanyol and a playoff with Nàstic de Tarragona. In this case, the Granada team has alternatives. And the one pointed out by Ideal is very interesting. It’s Guille Abascal. He is a 35-year-old Sevillian coach who until recently, and with notable success, led Spartak Moscow. He is also coveted by Cádiz, which had already considered his name as a replacement for Sergio González. There are other coaches in the orbit of these two teams, such as Pacheta, Diego Martínez, or Francisco. In the case of Cádiz, Paco López, the former coach of Granada, also appears.

The three clubs agree on the importance of having a captain as soon as possible to salvage ships that are completely sunk. After that, it will be time to assemble the squads to try to make the return operation as quick as possible. The speed with which these clubs readjust their benches is important. Granada and Cádiz have a considerable social fracture in relation to their leaders, whom they have demanded to resign. This tension is not as pronounced in Almería, although the discontent of the people with the poor performance of the team is evident, whose catastrophe has been sweetened thanks to the enormous work done by Pepe Mel, who has also left behind promising youth players for the future like Marcos Peña and Paco Sanz. Almería, Granada, and Cádiz seek redemption after their fall into the abyss.

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