Rabiot’s Condition for Renewing His Contract with Juventus

Juventus Turin finds itself at a crucial juncture regarding its immediate future, with much of the uncertainty revolving around who will lead the team next season. The shadow of Massimiliano Allegri, though improbable, still looms over the dugout, while the possibility of Thiago Motta gaining momentum is also surrounded by questions, especially regarding a potential exclusion from the Champions League.

Amidst this volatile scenario, the future of French midfielder Adrien Rabiot emerges as a key piece subject to these decisions. With his contract expiring on June 30, 2024, negotiations for his renewal are underway but not without obstacles. According to sources from Tuttosport, the extension of his contract is not only at stake for financial reasons but also due to decisions that the executives may make, particularly regarding the dugout.

He Wants Allegri as Coach

If Allegri continues at the helm, Rabiot could find a more favourable ground for his renewal. The Italian coach considers the Frenchman a fundamental piece in the team’s structure, a pillar upon which to build the midfield. This perception could tilt the balance in favour of a contract extension, as Rabiot fits perfectly into Allegri’s plans.

However, if Motta takes the reins, the situation could change. The priorities and visions of the new coach could influence the decision regarding Rabiot, opening the door to possible changes in the team’s structure. In this scenario, Rabiot’s continuity at Juventus could largely depend on whether his style of play fits into Motta’s plans and how the club adapts to the new technical guidelines.

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