The exchange Real Madrid will make in 2025: Mbappé and Endrick affected

Real Madrid is considering the future with a striking exchange that directly involves Mbappé and Endrick even before their arrival.

This summer, Real Madrid wants to make significant reinforcements for the forward line. Endrick’s signing has been confirmed for over a year, and it seems clear that Mbappé will also join.

However, they have not been officially presented yet, and already on the horizon, there is a striking exchange in which both will be directly involved, partly due to Modric.

The fact that the Croatian is staying implies that Kylian will have to play this year with the number 9 shirt, as the number 10 will remain the property of the Croatian, and therefore, the Brazilian will have to choose another number.

For Endrick, the number 9 was his favorite, however, it will be Kylian who will wear it. It is true that Kroos’ retirement leaves the number 8 available, and we will have to wait and see what happens with Ceballos, Mendy, or Nacho to see what numbers they can choose.

The shuffle for 2025

With this outlook for the next season, it makes one think about the exchange of shirt numbers that will occur in the squad in 2025, precisely with Modric’s retirement. If everything goes as expected, he will release the number 10, which will be taken over by Mbappé.

This will, in turn, mean that the number 9 will go to Endrick, and thus both the Brazilian and the Frenchman will be able to wear their favorite numbers starting from the 2025-2026 season. This is the plan that, as of today, gains more strength at Madrid.

Although Modric’s decision is yet to be confirmed, everything indicates that he will continue for another year, which would activate all this shuffle of shirt numbers for 2025.

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