Surprise in France, neither the 10 nor the 9: the dorsal Mbappé could wear at Madrid

Many developments in France regarding Mbappé’s future. It is announced that Kylian could wear an unexpected dorsal just hours ago.

Kylian Mbappé and Real Madrid await the conclusion of a novel that began back in 2017, unleashing a series of events slowly approaching a happy ending. Today, from French lands, they announce with surprise what could be the forward’s first dorsal at Santiago Bernabéu. Neither the ‘9’ nor the ’10’.

Le10Sport points to Toni Kroos. The departure and retirement of the German midfielder not only represent an unexpected 180º turn for the entire club a couple of weeks ago. It also signifies the shifting of various shirt numbers, which currently indicate that his iconic number 8 will fall into the hands of Federico Valverde. In French territories, another theory is circulating around the issue.

With the German leaving the white team, the renewal of players like Luka Modric is rapidly accelerating, all to maintain a number 10 shirt that has been honoured with every presentation of the Croatian. Valverde has been gaining ground as the possible heir to Kroos in terms of shirt numbers, but in French territories, nothing is ruled out anymore.


This is the scenario posed by the aforementioned outlet, and while it may seem absurd to anyone’s eyes, it invites us to consider that we could be on the verge of significant changes following Toni’s retirement 24 hours ago. Let’s not forget that Endrick will also arrive in mid-July, and therefore, a number will also need to be found for him.

Kylian Mbappé is getting closer. He won’t play alongside Kroos today, and for the moment, Real Madrid’s official pages still do not allow the commercialization of the white team’s shirt with both his name and surname on the back. French insiders do not rule out that despite weeks of discussion about the number 10 or 9, Kylian could even take the 8. Everything points to the dorsal that has been Karim Benzema’s property for years.

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