Mbappé’s last game at PSG’s Parc des Princes turned into a sporting disaster

Mbappé’s last game at PSG’s Parc des Princes turned into a sporting disaster. And the evening was further soured by the announcement made on Friday by the Parisian number 7.

“I didn’t expect anything, and I’m still disappointed.” This classic line from the TV show Malcolm probably resonated with many Paris Saint-Germain supporters after the celebration of their twelfth French Championship title. By officially announcing his departure from PSG in a video 48 hours before what was supposed to be a celebration, Kylian Mbappé brought the spotlight upon himself. It’s safe to say that his final appearance at the Parc des Princes in PSG’s colours was spoiled.

For Daniel Riolo, it was already clear that Sunday, May 12, was set to become a disaster. The RMC journalist isn’t surprised by how things turned out, with a portion of the crowd booing and an incident involving a Paris Ultras Collective banner, where the leader insulted a young Parisian supporter who seemed unhappy.

Speaking on BFM on Monday, Riolo believes that everyone is at fault in this situation – Kylian Mbappé, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, and Luis Enrique. “Throughout the year, there has been an ego battle between President Al-Khelaïfi, who has always been overwhelmed, a coach who arrives with an oversized ego, and Mbappé, who is in a league of his own in this regard. All year long, they’ve been playing a game of ‘who has the biggest ego? Who should come out on top?’ You didn’t want to sign your contract, I’m a coach who can’t stand stars, I’ll put you in your place. I’m the president, and I’ll make sure to support my coach against you, the little star, who didn’t want to extend.” How did they expect it to end differently? (…) Cavani left in general indifference, Thiago Silva barely got a message. Verratti had a rather well-done farewell last year. But we’re talking about Kylian Mbappé, the club’s top scorer of all time, and it ended like this. We drowned it in the title celebration. Everything was spoiled,” observes Daniel Riolo, not really surprised by Mbappé’s final appearance for PSG.

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