Teenage love and big dreams: Endrick’s move to Real Madrid and thoughts on family

Teenage love and big dreams: Endrick's move to Real Madrid and thoughts on family

Eighteen-year-old whiz kid Endrick is all set to swap the sunshine of Palmeiras for the bright lights of Real Madrid this summer. The Brazilian youngster can’t wait to get started in the Spanish capital, and he won’t be coming alone. By his side will be his girlfriend, Gabriely Miranda, who’s a little older than him. But Endrick seems to be thinking way ahead for their relationship, as revealed in a recent interview with Conversa com Bial, picked up by Spanish outlet AS.

When asked about marriage and fatherhood, Endrick surprised everyone with his answer: “Like I told my mum and dad, I want to be a young father. I want to see my son grow up, build a strong bond with him, but of course, it’s ultimately Gabriely’s decision, right?” His girlfriend’s response was more cautious: “We’re both very young, there’s a whole life ahead of us. We’re still figuring things out.” Endrick’s mum seems to be on the same page, advising them not to rush into things.

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It’s a sweet, yet slightly surprising glimpse into the mind of a young footballer on the cusp of a major career move. While most teenagers his age might be worrying about exams or the latest video game, Endrick’s already dreaming of building a family. It’ll be interesting to see how he balances his sky-high ambitions on the pitch with his personal life, and whether his ideas about settling down so young change as he matures. One thing’s for sure, Endrick’s journey to Real Madrid is bound to be filled with twists and turns, both on and off the field.

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