PSG’s Champions League Earnings: A breakdown

Trophy of Champion's League during the 2018/2019 UEFA Champions League draw on August 30, 2018 in Monaco, Monaco. (Photo by Pascal Della Zuana/Icon Sport)

Despite their heartbreaking loss to Borussia Dortmund in the semi-finals, PSG’s 2023-2024 Champions League campaign is set to be one of their most financially lucrative in history. While the ultimate goal of lifting the coveted trophy remains elusive, the club’s coffers are set to be significantly bolstered.

A Hefty Paycheck

Excluding revenue generated from ticket sales and merchandise, PSG is expected to pocket a cool €119.5 million from their Champions League exploits. This figure could have been even higher, reaching €135 million had they reached the final, and a staggering €140 million if they had emerged victorious.

Breaking Down the Numbers

The bulk of PSG’s earnings comes from fixed prize money awarded by UEFA based on their performance throughout the competition. Each team receives a participation fee of €15.64 million, followed by a coefficient ranking payment based on their performance over the past ten European seasons. For PSG, this amounted to €30.69 million.

Performance-Based Bonuses

Performance in the group stage also plays a significant role in determining earnings. PSG earned €2.8 million for each of their two group stage victories and €930,000 for each of their two draws. Progressing to the knockout stages brought additional rewards: €9.6 million for reaching the round of 16, €10.6 million for the quarterfinals, and a hefty €12.5 million for reaching the semi-finals.

TV Rights and Market Share

Television rights and market share also contribute to a team’s overall earnings. With two French clubs participating in this year’s Champions League (RC Lens being the other), PSG, as the higher-ranked team, received a larger share of the TV rights revenue, estimated to be around €33 million.

A Lucrative Competition

While the financial rewards are undoubtedly significant, the ultimate goal for PSG remains to conquer Europe and lift the Champions League trophy. Despite falling short this time around, the club’s strong financial performance highlights the commercial appeal of the Champions League and the opportunities it presents for top European clubs.

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