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Champions League semi-finals set to boost club revenues in 2025

As the 2024 Champions League draws to a close, with Borussia Dortmund securing their spot in the final at the expense of Paris Saint-Germain, and the upcoming semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich (2-2 on aggregate), participation in the Champions League has become increasingly crucial for top clubs. It guarantees a vital stream of financial resources that can be used for future investments in the transfer market.

On average, a club participating in the Champions League can expect to earn at least €40 million per season. This financial windfall allows clubs to attract top talent, strengthen their squads, and increase their competitiveness on the international stage. However, with UEFA’s planned overhaul of the competition, the financial rewards are set to grow even further.

Increased Rewards for 2023-2024 Season

For the 2023-2024 season, the financial gains for reaching the semi-finals were already substantial. Each club that made it to this stage received €12.5 million. Reaching the final was worth €15.5 million, while winning the final added another €4.5 million. This means that a club that lifted the trophy could accumulate up to €32.5 million, not including additional revenue from previous rounds, their UEFA coefficient ranking, and TV rights. A club like PSG, for instance, could amass around €120 million. And that’s without even considering the ticket sales from their home matches, which are often sell-outs.

€7.5M Increase for Semi-Final, Final, and Overall Winner

With the new Champions League format kicking off in the 2024-2025 season, the figures are set to rise significantly. The tournament, now expanded to 36 teams with a single group stage and eight matches per team in the first phase, will bring new financial opportunities. The new amounts planned for the semi-finals and the final show a clear increase in rewards: reaching the semi-finals will now be worth €15 million per club, accessing the final will be worth €18.5 million, and winning the final will be worth €6.5 million. The total potential that a club can pocket from these three matches therefore reaches €40 million, an increase of €7.5 million compared to the previous edition.

Champions League: A Financial and Sporting Battleground

This increase in earnings only serves to illustrate the growing importance of the Champions League, both for on-field competitiveness and for the financial viability of clubs. In addition, the extra home matches should attract more spectators and ticket revenue, further boosting the competition’s economic growth. For the teams competing in the 2025 edition, the Champions League is not only a major sporting challenge but also a true financial springboard.

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