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Verona – Fiorentina (2-1): Player Ratings

Final score: Verona-Fiorentina 2-1

Verona player ratings

Montipò 6.5 – The yellow-blue goalkeeper was crucial in the first half, denying goals from Barak and Ikoné with two good saves. Less busy in the second half.

Centonze 5.5 – Of Baroni’s two full-backs, he is the less adventurous in attacking. His defensive contribution was not impressive either, especially in Castrovilli’s goal. He shows fewer insecurities when he moves to the left.

Magnani 7 – A true gladiator in the Hellas area, where he stops the Viola attackers on multiple occasions. Dani Silva came on for him in the 85th minute.

Coppola 6 – Alongside Magnani, they form a tough partnership, standing up well to the offensive quartet set up by Italiano.

Vinagre 6 – Fiorentina often attacks down his side, but he is ready on multiple occasions and even looks to push forward at times. Tchatchoua came on for him in the 63rd minute, putting in a solid performance in his area of expertise.

Duda 6.5 – A magnet in midfield, attracting several balls by stealing them from opponents and then distributing them with quality to his teammates. With a cross from the right, he sets up the 2-1 goal.

Serdar 6 – More substance than flair in midfield for the German player, overall providing a worthy performance deserving of a passing grade.

Lazovic 7 – The offensive reference point for Verona, stands out for charisma and danger. He unlocks the match immediately by converting a crucial penalty. Also catches the eye in the final pass. From the 74th minute, Suslov 6 – A challenging end to the game to assess, with very few balls at his disposal.

Folorunsho 6.5 – A game of great sacrifice for the attacking midfielder, tasked with stifling Maxime Lopez’s playmaking rather than shining between the lines. From the 85th minute, Dawidowicz did not receive a rating.

Noslin 7.5 – The man of the match. Starts the game in the best possible way, earning the penalty converted by Lazovic. In the second half, he puts the icing on the cake with a 3-point goal.

Bonazzoli 5.5 – In the first half, he has a couple of chances that he fails to convert into goals. Does not return after the interval. From the 46th minute, Swiderski 6 – Shows a bit more than his replaced teammate, especially in terms of team effort.

Coach – Marco Baroni 7 – Had asked for a courageous performance from his players, and it was more than rewarded. Aggressiveness in every area of the field, the ability to endure, and most importantly, a crucial victory for survival.

Fiorentina player ratings

Christensen 5 – Makes a real mess with the penalty for Verona’s 1-0 lead: he’s the main culprit there. Doesn’t inspire much confidence overall.

Faraoni 5.5 – First meeting as an opponent against the team that still owns his contract. Noslin gives him headaches, but he still gets applause (maybe because of that). Substitute: Belotti (from the 84th minute) – not rated.

Milenkovic 5 – Leaves the passing lane too open on the play that leads to the 1-0 penalty, and the short clearance on Hellas’ second goal is solely his fault.

Ranieri 5.5 – Not entirely blameless for the chaotic situation that allows Noslin to score the penalty. Otherwise, a decent performance.

Parisi 6 – Shows his skills going forward, but thankfully, the same can be said for his defensive duties. Overall, a satisfactory display.

Lopez 5.5 – Rather uninspiring and sluggish in orchestrating the play, but at least he’s attentive when defending. Nothing that makes you regret his substitution. Substitute: Mandragora (from the 70th minute) – Gets booked in his twenty minutes plus stoppage time for a harsh tackle.

Duncan 5.5 – Has the necessary pace to switch play zones on the field, but only uses it sporadically. Overall, Fiorentina’s midfield in the first hour seemed sluggish. Substitute: Bonaventura (from the 63rd minute) – His introduction in midfield partially breaks the lethargy that had persisted since halftime, but overall lacks quality.

Icons 5 – A decent start where he sets up a nice opportunity not capitalized by Barak, then misses a tempting chance in open field and falters, making many mistakes.

From the 70th minute, Beltran 6 – Shows determination and willingness by occupying a somewhat undefined area of the field. Offers some decent plays.

Barak 5 – Icons sets up an inviting ball for his head in the first half, but it gets blocked. The former player seeks spaces, but Verona knows how to close them off and disrupt him.

Castrovilli 7 – While regaining confidence on the field, he has to adapt to playing on the wing. Doesn’t falter: first denied by the post, then celebrates the return to scoring after a year.

From the 63rd minute, Kouame 5.5 – On that side where Castrovilli did well, the Ivorian is less visible. And when he finds openings, it’s him who falters in plays.

Nzola 5.5 – Starts off on the wrong foot but quickly finds his way back, with some good movements and an assist for Castrovilli. Has the ball for 2-2 and wastes it.

Coach – Vincenzo Italiano 5.5 – On Wednesday, there’s Club Brugge highlighted in red, in Verona he starts by resting the key players. A defensive disaster opens the door for Verona to take the lead, but in the first half, Fiorentina deserves more and the deserved equalizer comes before halftime. Another poor defensive read brings them back down, then he starts bringing out the big names from the bench, but this time the reaction only stays on paper.

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