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AS Roma – Juventus (1-1): Player Ratings

AS Roma – Juventus (1-1): Player Ratings

Man of the match: F.Chiesa (7): What a performance from Chiesa! He showed shades of his Euro 2021 form, although he didn’t score, his contribution was exceptional. He provided a crucial assist with a brilliant cross to Bremer, allowing Juventus to equalize. Chiesa was lively throughout the game, outshining his Roma counterpart. Early in the second half, he struck a magnificent shot that hit the Roma right post, narrowly missing a goal before being substituted for Moise Kean (75′).

AS Roma (4-3-2-1)

M.Svilar (6): The Serbian had a standout performance, making crucial saves to keep Juventus at bay during tense moments. He was helpless against Bremer’s goal.

R.Kristensen (4): A tough outing for him, as he struggled against Chiesa and faced significant defensive challenges. Outjumped in the air for Bremer’s goal, he was again at fault for another Roma concession.

E.Ndicka (5.5): A solid display from the Ivorian, effectively containing Vlahovic in the penalty area, limiting him to just one clear chance. Strong in aerial duels, he led Roma’s defense admirably.

D.Llorente (5): A performance on par with Ndicka’s, he had a decent game but found it tough against Chiesa, often unable to dispossess him cleanly.

Angelino (5.5): A challenging first half followed by an improved second half for the Spaniard. He delivered exquisite passes in the penalty area, but unfortunately, none resulted in goals.

B. Cristante (4.5): A rather average performance from him, as he struggled to make his presence felt in the midfield except during Roma’s strong spells. His impact was less than usual for the Italian International, but he managed to retain possession quite well.

L. Paredes (5): The former Juventus player didn’t have a standout game against his former teammates tonight. Despite attempting to create danger with long passes, he wasn’t successful. However, he played a crucial role in regaining possession for his team and initiating attacks, which is a decent contribution for the Argentine World Cup winner in this crucial phase of the season.

L. Pellegrini (4.5): A mediocre performance from him, as he didn’t shine offensively for his team tonight. He was relatively quiet and didn’t make a significant impact. He was substituted for Bové (78′).

P. Dybala (5): A strong first half from the “Joya” against his former club, as he was involved in Lukaku’s goal for Roma. He displayed good form and technical skill, but unfortunately had to be replaced by Zalewski at halftime (46′).

T. Baldanzi (6): An excellent performance from the young Italian tonight, reminiscent of Dybala from 6-7 years ago. He caused significant problems for Juventus’ defenders, particularly Danilo and Gatti. A delight to watch this talented player on the field. He was substituted for Azmoun (68′).

R.Lukaku (5.5): Scorer of Roma’s opening goal into an empty net (15′), the Belgian didn’t have a standout performance, as he was kept in check by Bremer and struggled to pose a threat despite showing good hold-up play. He was substituted for Abraham (68′).

Juventus (3-5-2)

W.Szczesny (5.5): Had only one save to make, which he did towards the end of the game against Abraham, securing a crucial point for his team on their return to Turin.

F.Gatti (4.5): A below-par performance from him, at fault for Lukaku’s goal (15′). He tried to make amends with several forward runs but they were largely ineffective, with too many misplaced passes. He was outplayed by Baldanzi for much of the match. A forgettable outing for him.

G.Bremer (6.5): Scored the equalizer for Juventus with an impressive header. The Brazilian defender excelled against Lukaku, not at fault for the goal and thwarting any Roma attacks that came through the middle. Another strong display from the former Torino player.

Danilo (5.5): Struggled in the first half but played a vital role for his team in the second half with crucial interventions near his own goal to deny Roma three points. A promising performance from the captain.

T.Weah (4): Got an early yellow card in the match, the American didn’t have a good game tonight against Angelino, who wasn’t very threatening. He lacked impact in attack and was slightly shaky defensively. He was substituted for Kostic (60′).

W.Mckennie (4.5): Not a good game for the American tonight, as he was not very involved in attack or defense. He didn’t really help his team in this match, although he did play the full game.

M.Locatelli (5): A mediocre performance, even frustrating at times, as he tried to help his team but did so in a less effective way. While he was generous in attack, he didn’t help his team much, losing the ball frequently or attempting speculative shots. However, he was valuable in regaining possession.

A.Rabiot (5): A middling performance for the Frenchman, as he made efforts in attack, posing a threat with his dribbling and long-range shots. However, he didn’t excel against the Roma midfield either.

A.Cambiaso (4): A poor game for the Italian tonight, as he seemed disconnected in the first half. He improved slightly in the second half with some good attacking runs and his repositioning on the right flank after Weah’s substitution. A forgettable game for him, as he was outplayed by Baldanzi. He was replaced by Alcaraz (85′).

F.Chiesa (7): See above.

D.Vlahovic (4): A tough game for him, as he only received one good chance early in the match from a pass by Chiesa. He couldn’t contribute much offensively to Juventus, constrained by the opposition’s tactics.

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