Neymar faces complaint for alleged “bad influence”

Neymar finds himself once again in the midst of controversy, this time over accusations of exerting a negative influence. Brazilian media reports that an unemployed man, Erick Amaro Pinheiro Paiva, has filed a complaint against the player, claiming he lost all his savings because of him.

A man accuses Neymar of indirectly encouraging him to gamble his money

The situation unfolded when Paiva decided to bet his savings, approximately 62,000 Brazilian reals (around 11,000 euros), on online betting sites like Blaze. His aim was to increase his money, but he ended up losing everything. According to the complaint, Paiva was influenced by Neymar, who promoted online betting on social media, promising financial gains without leaving home. We previously discussed on Sportune his partnership with the bookmaker, which he couldn’t claim in France while still playing for PSG.

Other Brazilian personalities are implicated in the complaint

Paiva claims that the footballer’s actions prompted him to invest in these platforms, leading to his financial loss. Apart from Neymar, the complaint also involves other figures who endorsed Blaze, including YouTuber Felipe Neto and influencers Jon Vlogs, Juju Ferrari, and Nanna Chara. The plaintiff also included other online betting companies like Okto Pagamentos, Pagsmile, and Luxpag.

The issue of “influence” is also contentious in Brazil, similar to France

This case raises significant questions about the responsibility of celebrities and influencers when promoting products or services, especially when these endorsements can have a significant financial impact on their followers. Neymar and the others involved will have to address these allegations in court, as the online betting industry continues to raise concerns about its influence on the public. Unlike France, Brazil does not have laws like those recently enacted to combat dubious promotions by influencers. But perhaps this case will prompt some changes.

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