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Iturralde knocks out Barça fans with “ghost goal” verdict

The much-anticipated El Clásico clash between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona was marred by controversy, with two key decisions sparking outrage among fans and pundits alike.

One of the most contentious moments came when Barça’s Raphinha curled in a corner kick that appeared to have crossed the goal line before Andriy Lunin made a desperate save. However, in the absence of goal-line technology, the goal was disallowed, much to the dismay of the Barça faithful.

Former referee and current Carrusel Deportivo analyst Iturralde González weighed in on the incident, stating that while he believes the ball didn’t fully cross the line, he also highlighted LaLiga’s lack of goal-line technology.

“The ball has to cross the line much more for the entire circumference to have entered,” Iturralde explained. “And the image we’re giving to the world, in the most important game, is horrible.”

He further criticized the league’s stance on technology, pointing out that this isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred. “It’s already the third ghost goal of this League! For just three million euros we wouldn’t be here waiting! Without technology, they force you to take a leap of faith. Someone should take note. With today’s cameras, there’s no perspective of the line! And mind you, I’m saying everything, it’s not that Tebas doesn’t want technology, it’s that the clubs don’t want it either. Something incredible. LaLiga doesn’t want to buy the license from FIFA because they consider that since they are a ‘monopoly’, they don’t want to give them money. Well, nothing. If they want transparency, let them put the image with which they have decided that it doesn’t go in.”

Penalty Awarded to Real Madrid

In another controversial incident, Pau Cubarsí’s challenge on Lucas Vázquez inside the penalty area resulted in a penalty for Real Madrid. Iturralde, unlike some Barça fans, believes the decision was correct.

“It’s one of those penalties that the forward draws out. Cubarsí leaves his leg out and there is contact. Penalty,” he asserted.

Despite Barcelona’s claims of bias against them, Iturralde’s analysis suggests that referee Soto Grado made the right calls on the two most significant plays of the match.

The debate over these decisions is likely to continue, highlighting the need for clearer officiating standards and the potential benefits of goal-line technology in LaLiga.

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