Juventus close to winning case against Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus are close to winning their case against Cristiano Ronaldo over the €19.5 million that the player claims he is owed in unpaid wages.

The Italian club are confident that the court will rule in their favor, as there is insufficient evidence to support Ronaldo’s claim.

The case stems from a dispute over Ronaldo’s wages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Juventus had agreed to defer €19.5 million of Ronaldo’s wages, but the player never signed the agreement.

When Ronaldo left Juventus for Manchester United in 2021, he signed a release form stating that he had no further claims against the club. However, he later changed his mind and filed a lawsuit for the unpaid wages.

The court is expected to issue its ruling in the next few days. If Juventus win, it will be a major victory for the club and a significant financial setback for Ronaldo.

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