Manolo Lama complains about Real Madrid’s rest advantage

Real Madrid and Manchester City are set to face off in the Champions League semi-finals, and the atmosphere is already electric. However, Manolo Lama seems to be siding with the Citizens.

This is one of the biggest matches in world football, with the two best teams in the world going head-to-head. However, many people, fueled by Guardiola’s victim mentality, have not hesitated to “complain” about the rest advantage that Real Madrid will have. Manolo Lama, on ‘Tiempo de Juego‘ on Cadena COPE, was the latest to come to City’s defense.

“This is the fault of the Premier League, which doesn’t take care of its clubs. The Premier League knew in advance when the Champions League matches were being played,” said Lama. Last year when it was the other way around, no one complained… and even anti-Madrid pundits like Fouto and Cañizares had to remind the commentator that if Madrid had the Copa final, the same thing would happen to them.

“Madrid, last season, played against Osasuna on Saturday and against City on Tuesday, Guardiola didn’t say that,” said a surprised Fouto. “These are things that happen in football. One team is eliminated from the Cup and another has to compete in the Premier League,” concluded Cañizares, putting an end to an absurd controversy that Guardiola himself had created.

Same old story

It is very easy to put Real Madrid in the crosshairs of criticism, even when the same thing happened last season. Manolo Lama has complained about a rest advantage that the Whites did not have a year ago.

“Madrid has nine days to prepare for our match. Nine days. They play at the weekend and they don’t play again until our match,” were the words of Guardiola, who was seconded by the commentator of ‘Tiempo de Juego’.

The controversy over Real Madrid’s rest advantage is nothing new. It is the same old story of people looking for excuses to criticize the most successful club in the world. However, the facts are clear: Real Madrid have earned their rest advantage, and they will be ready to give Manchester City a tough match in the Champions League semi-finals.

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