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Marseille 0-2 Paris Saint-Germain: Player Ratings

Man of the Match: Vitinha (7.5)

Vitinha was the maestro for PSG tonight, imperious in midfield even during the Parisians’ difficult first half. He ultimately freed PSG with an opportunistic goal, and he also threw himself into his own box to block a goal-bound shot with ten minutes to go.

OM (4-3-3)

Pau Lopez (5.5): He made a few good saves and one or two interesting parries, but the ratio of shots on target that go in with him remains far too high. He still doesn’t work miracles tonight.

Merlin (4.5): He gave a lot, but also lost a lot, especially on his crosses, which were all as catastrophic as each other.

Balerdi (6.5): Very serene defensively, he was impressive in his interventions in the feet and played the ball out cleanly. The only downside is that he was a bit too far from Vitinha on the first Parisian goal.

MBemba (6.5): While he was playing a very good game with a lot of authority in defense, and although he was not very inspired in the air offensively, he got injured to add a bit more to the already full Marseille infirmary.

Garcia (5.5): While he had an impossible task tonight finding himself at right-back and facing Mbappé, he was very solid in that duel, but on the other hand he was cruelly lacking in accuracy on his clearances. That said, his performance, even in the authority he showed physically, is a good omen for him who had not yet played a good game in the OM jersey.

Harit (5.5): He was the only one to create a bit of play and destabilized the Phocéens’ attacks for the Parisian defenders, but he is struggling to make the leap to become a goalscorer, always looking for someone to give the ball to, without ever taking responsibility to go to goal.

Veretout (6): With the exception of a dangerous loss of the ball at the end of the first half, he played very fair, and did a lot of work for the team, he even scored a perfectly valid goal but the offside position, which has disappeared from the rules for 20 years, suddenly resurfaced.

Kondogbia (3): Completely drowned tonight, he lost all the balls, made shots that, depending on the wind speed, should arrive off the Mediterranean tomorrow morning, a disastrous game in every way on his part.

Aubameyang (5): He accelerates, he often puts himself in dangerous positions, but he lacked a bit of grit to make the move of the evening and unlock the situation for OM tonight.

NDiaye (3.5): After a first half where we sometimes saw him put himself in a good position, before tripping himself up as he knits the ball at his feet, he was completely extinguished at the start of the second half, quickly replaced by Moumbagna, far too light for this kind of meeting.

Luis Henrique (6): The Marseille surprise of the evening, he was very clean in his passes, fast, and very often in a good position to distribute good balls.

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 PSG (4-3-1-2)

Donnarumma (7): Inspired in his outings, he nevertheless gets away with it on a very late intervention on Gigot, mysteriously not signaled by VAR. That said, he was imperial on his line and saved the Parisians several times tonight.

Hernandez (4.5): Little seen tonight, he was beaten several times at speed by his Marseille counterparts, and was never very useful offensively either.

Beraldo (Not Rated): Author of two rather clumsy fouls, he was quickly sent off, even if the direct red seemed a bit excessive.

Danilo (6): He was very present in recovery and restarting, sometimes with more or less accuracy in his long balls.

Hakimi (6.5): Sometimes rough, always on the edge of correction, he won many duels tonight and carried the ball a lot towards the Marseille goals.

Fabian Ruiz (4.5): He didn’t have many opportunities tonight, but he didn’t show up very much either.

Vitinha (7.5): See above.

Zaire-Emery (5.5): He was a bit in difficulty during the first half-hour, often beaten in duels, he then resurfaced thanks to his technical accuracy and his application in the game.

Dembélé (5): He created a lot of danger tonight, and made several quality accelerations, but then he was not there at all for the finish, never finding the frame.

Mbappé (3.5): While OM had positioned Ulysses Garcia in front of him, for lack of anything better, who is having a difficult season, he never managed to pass him, and was prematurely but logically taken out by Luis Enrique.

Kolo Muani (6.5): He was clearly the best Parisian striker of the first half, the only one to really endanger Pau Lopez, but he paid the price for Luis Enrique’s post-exclusion tactical organization, replaced by Lee-Kang In (4), invisible or almost all the second half.

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