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Lazio vs. Juventus (1-0): Player Ratings

Man of the Match: A.Marusic (6): His decisive goal from a brilliant cross by Guendouzi (93′) earned him the title of the man of the match. He was very active on both ends of the field, both offensively and defensively, and his goal secured Igor Tudor’s first victory with Lazio in Rome.

Lazio (3-4-2-1):

C.Mandas (5): The Roman goalkeeper had a quiet game, needing to make only one save as Juventus’ attackers were ineffective throughout the match.

M.Gila (6): He had a strong performance, keeping Kean and Cambiaso at bay. Solid in his tackles, he could have easily been the standout player of the evening.

A.Romagnoli (5): The former Milan player had a decent game, not having much to do but remaining solid whenever called upon.

N.Casale (5): Like his defensive partners, he was solid in his few interventions and in distributing the ball.

F.Anderson (5): The Brazilian forward, deployed as a right wing-back by Tudor, had a good game on both ends of the field, contributing offensively and staying solid defensively.

D.Kamada (6): The Japanese player had a standout performance, showing glimpses of his best form. Effective in attack and in winning back possession, he and Cataldi formed a strong partnership, creating danger in Juventus’ penalty area. He was substituted by Guendouzi (80′).

D.Cataldi (5): The Lazio captain put in a good shift, providing stability in midfield and in starting attacks. He did his job well against an unimpressive Juventus midfield. His partnership with Kamada was instrumental in both attacking and defending. He was substituted by Vecino (80′).

A.Marusic (6): As mentioned above.

M.Zaccagni (5): He had a good offensive game, causing problems for Juventus’ shaky defense. However, he failed to truly test Szczesny, with no shots on target. He was replaced by Alberto (85′).

Pedro (3): The Spanish veteran had a forgettable game, failing to pose a threat in Juventus’ penalty area. The left side of the field was well-contained by Danilo, and Pedro’s attempts to create chances were unsuccessful. He was substituted by Isaksen (57′).

V.Castellanos (4): Apart from a shot that narrowly missed the post, the Argentine had few opportunities in the match. He worked hard defensively and physically against Bremer. It was a tough game for him, and he was substituted by Immobile (57′).

Juventus (4-3-3):

W.Szczesny (5): Only called upon once, Szczesny made a crucial save to deny Anderson’s effort. Apart from a misplaced pass that could have been costly, he had a solid performance.

Danilo (4): Initially deployed as a right-back, the captain was quickly moved into a central role in a 3-5-2 formation. He offered little threat on his flank, unsurprisingly given his experience as a center-back over the past two years at the club.

G.Bremer (5): A decent performance from Bremer. He was not at fault for Lazio’s goal.

D.Rugani (5): Similar to Bremer, Rugani had a solid game and was not responsible for the Lazio goal.

M.De Sciglio (3): Making his first start after a 314-day absence, the Italian should have remained on the bench. He had a woeful first half, offering no attacking threat and losing most of his duels. He was replaced by Iling in the 46th minute.

F.Miretti (3): Miretti was virtually invisible in this match. He failed to make any significant impact and was dominated by the Roma midfield in the first half. Like his midfield counterparts, he was substituted in the 46th minute, making way for Mckennie.

M.Locatelli (2): A disastrous performance from Locatelli from start to finish. He misplaced passes, failed to make any defensive contributions, and looked out of his depth. Despite his poor showing, he played the entire 90 minutes.

A.Rabiot (3): Another disappointing performance from Rabiot. He was absent from the game, much like his performance with France against Germany. He offered no forward thrust, failed to break any lines with his passing, and was completely overrun by Lazio’s midfield. A forgettable night for the former Paris Saint-Germain player, who completed the entire 90 minutes.

A.Cambiaso (4): Deployed as a left winger in a 4-4-3 formation, the Italian full-back struggled to make an impact. He received too few passes and failed to utilize his pace and attacking abilities in an unfamiliar position. Another tactical masterstroke from Max Allegri, who failed to put his player in a position to succeed. He was replaced by Weah in the 62nd minute.

M.Kean (3): It’s been a year since he last scored in the league, and based on his performance today, that drought is likely to continue. Kean was poor on the few chances he had, rarely making the right decisions. He was given an opportunity to prove his worth over Milik and Yildiz, but he failed to impress. He was replaced by Sekulov in the 80th minute.

F.Chiesa (5): The only Juventus player who showed any spark in this match. He tried to create attacking opportunities for his team with his dribbles and pace. Unfortunately, he was the only one willing to push forward on the night. Surprisingly, he was substituted by Yildiz in the 67th minute.

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