Vinicius Jr. faces continued media attacks in Spain

Vinicius Jr. has been the target of a relentless smear campaign by some Spanish media outlets. The newspaper Sport, in particular, has distinguished itself by its hatred towards the Real Madrid player.

Vinicius is one of the best players in the world, to the misfortune of his detractors. Since his arrival at Real Madrid at the age of 18, he has been subjected to a series of unjustified attacks from those who cannot stand the merengue club. But Vinicius, with a strong personality, has been able to resist these criticisms, improve and become one of the leaders of Real Madrid.

Despite this, the newspaper Sport continues to harass the Brazilian. In a recent article entitled “Vinicius and the devil inside him”, Alejandro Alcázar, a journalist for the newspaper, describes the player in a hateful way: “Vinicius does not know the half measure. If he is provoked, he explodes; if he is hit, he protests; and if the referees ignore him, he loses his head.”

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The article is full of hatred and contempt. “His opponents do everything to annihilate him. That’s when the worst Vinicius appears, the one who turns red, who takes out the horns and the trident, and who lets himself be carried away by his inner devil. His repertoire is vast in this area,” writes Alcázar, making a grotesque comparison that perfectly illustrates Vinicius’ own accusations.

The newspaper Sport is one of the main culprits of the climate of hatred that exists in Spain towards Vinicius. Alejandro Alcázar is just the latest journalist to have illustrated himself with a new “attack” on the player.

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The article ends with a conclusion full of rage: “He has too strong a character, he is too competitive and exaggerated in his reactions, which makes him the most vilified player in the stadiums of our country. There is not a stadium where he is not whistled.”

It is important to emphasize that these attacks only strengthen Vinicius’ determination. The Brazilian has already shown that he is capable of overcoming obstacles and responding to his detractors on the field. He will undoubtedly continue to shine his talent and inspire young players around the world.

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