Lewandowski could follow in the footsteps of Villa and Suárez

Robert Lewandowski’s future at FC Barcelona is uncertain. Although he is the team’s top scorer, many changes are coming to the Catalan club after the departure of Xavi.

With one year left on his contract, the Polish international does not want to go to Saudi Arabia or the MLS, and he would like to extend his stay in Spain and La Liga. According to information reported by Rubén Uría, Atlético are seriously considering offering him a place at the Metropolitano.

Although it seems like a complicated operation, it is not impossible. David Villa and Luis Suárez both played for Atlético before finishing their respective contracts with Barcelona. In addition, in both of their first seasons at the club, the Rojiblancos won the La Liga title. There could be a third.

Barcelona would accept Lewandowski’s departure if he asked to leave, as Villa and Suárez did in their day. Either Atlético would have to assume his full salary and pay a more affordable fee for his loan, or the Rojiblancos would have to sell a player, possibly Morata, and earn a good sum to sign the Polish striker.

Atlético’s intentions are clear and Simeone would be delighted to have one of the best strikers of the century in his dressing room, and he would try to get the best out of him, just like he did with his predecessors. Watch out for the next transfer market, because it is going to be a big one.

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