Former footballer finds success on OnlyFans

Miguel Guerrero has swapped the football pitch for OnlyFans. The former goalkeeper, who played for Sevilla, Cordoba and Velez, has found success on the social media platform, where he has over 10,000 subscribers.

Guerrero, who also appeared on the reality TV show Temptation Island, told AS that he earns “five figures” a month from OnlyFans. He said that he has been offered €500 to meet a fan for coffee, and that he has only met one person in real life after connecting with them on the platform.

“I started with very light things,” he said. “More and more, increasing a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more… you generate that curiosity in people.”

Guerrero’s story is a reminder of the ever-changing world of professional sports. In the past, athletes were expected to focus solely on their careers. However, the rise of social media has given them a new platform to connect with fans and generate income.

For Guerrero, OnlyFans has been a way to reinvent himself after his football career came to an end. He is now able to make a good living from doing something that he enjoys.

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