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Reims 2-1 Metz: Player Ratings

Man of the Match: ITO (7)

Ito was booked in the 20th minute, but his goal was a reward for a very good game. He was the most active player on his team, destabilizing the opposing defenders with his dribbling. It’s a pity that he sticks to his right wing, he could certainly bring even more by moving all over the Reims attack front.

REIMS (4-2-3-1)


Unable to respond to the Metz goal, he was not called upon very much afterwards. His distribution was generally good.


Solid defensively, he was not caught out on his wing, but in the second half he struggled against Sabaly. No offensive contribution. Replaced by OKUMU (62′).


His presence remains an advantage for his defense, he reassures and cuts out many passes in depth. He also contributed offensively, with a shot wide in the 80th minute. Booked (51′).


A header over the bar from a good Ito free kick (43′) when he was 3 meters from goal. His positioning was at fault on the Metz goal, but otherwise nothing negative to report.


He was beaten on the Metz counter and did not come back strong enough on Van den Kerkhof. He struggled to find his defensive position on several occasions. Replaced by AKIEME (62′).


We have seen him more impactful in duels, and more involved in the game and passing. He was rarely found by his teammates.


He stuck to his defensive role, but he did it rather well. Replaced by KONE (84′).

ITO: See above.


He has technical quality that he does not necessarily use wisely. He must seek to play more collectively to bring more to his team.


His game was rather dull in the end. A good shot (31′) well saved by the Metz goalkeeper. Replaced by NAKAMURA (73′).


He took advantage of a big mistake by the Metz defenders to open the scoring (3′), with a lot of composure to beat Oukidja. Then we didn’t really see him except for aerial duels in the box or on deflections.

METZ (4-3-3)


Beaten by Diakité’s clever feint early in the game, he then reassured his teammates with some controlled saves. Despite the defeat, he had a good game and prevented the score from being even worse for Metz. He could do nothing about the second goal, which he could only deflect.

UDOL (C)(5)

He closed down his wing well, but he was not helped enough defensively by Sabaly, sometimes finding himself outnumbered. Not enough presence either to prevent Ito from scoring the winning goal.


A solid game, but which was spoiled by the misunderstanding with Hérelle at the start. Not enough presence either to prevent Ito from scoring the winning goal.


Like his partner in the center, the lack of reaction on the two goals ruined his team’s result. Booked (20′). Replaced by TRAORÉ (85′).

COLIN (not rated)

He was timid in his first few interventions, not daring to go into duels. Injured, he was replaced by SANÉ (34′) (4), who was cautious in attack but fulfilled his defensive role well, rarely being caught out.


His nice cross allowed Metz to equalize. He was very active on his right wing, not hesitating to come back and defend when needed. Replaced by ASORO (90′).


A lot of energy in the heart of the game, with a lot of duels won. Replaced by SANÉ (85′).


He started well, winning duels and meters with the ball, but he lost an important ball in the center of the pitch which led to Reims’ second goal.

ATTA (6)

Scorer of the equalizer (14′) following a well-led counter-attack and a good cross from Van den Kerkhof, his technical presence is interesting. He still lacks the physical power to resist the challenge imposed on him by the Rémois.


He had a good game on his left wing, often hitting and bringing danger, but his defensive work was not effective enough. Booked (42′). Replaced by JALLOW (85′).


Courageous in his efforts, but he often made mistakes in his ball handling. He suffered physically against Abdelhamid.

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