Manchester City vs. Copenhagen (3-1): Player Ratings

Man of the Match: Alvarez (7)

A perfect first ten minutes. Assist on a corner from the right, where Akandji opens the scoring with a superb volley under the bar at the near post. The playmaker made the difference again a few moments later. In the ninth minute, again from a corner, he finds Rodri who heads the ball onto the bar. The ball comes back to the Argentine, who is off-center on the left, and he fires a powerful shot at the opposing goalkeeper who fumbles his catch and doubles the lead. He continued in the same vein, being very good technically and it was he who orchestrated his team’s attacking phases.

Manchester City: 4-2-3-1

Ederson (5)

Powerless to stop the opponents’ very good goal, the Brazilian goalkeeper then made sure of things with his point-blank save against Mattsson.

Lewis (5.5)

A good match overall for the latter who was solid in his lane. At the very end of the game, he saw his attempt hit the crossbar.

Akandji (6.5)

A sparkling start to the game. On a corner from the right, he cuts the trajectory at the near post and with a volley, sends the ball under the bar for the opening goal. Then, the Swiss defender was perfect, both in the duels contested, but also in his passes.

Ruben Dias (6.5)

A successful match for the Skyblues captain who was irreproachable defensively and precise in his passing. Replaced by Stones.

Gvardiol (4)

A match below expectations for the Croatian, who lost a lot of balls and did not project himself forward enough.

Rodri (6)

A quality first half for the Spanish midfielder. At the very beginning of the game, he is at the end of a corner at the far post, heading the ball. However, his attempt hits the crossbar. Then, he was solid in his position and precise technically. This was the case just before the break with his superb cross to Haaland, for his team’s third goal. Replaced by Gomez (5). Active in the game, he did not hesitate to project himself forward in order to provide an extra man.

Kovacic (6.5)

A large volume of play with more than one hundred and thirty balls touched and a high quality technical mastery. The Croatian midfielder was omnipresent in the heart of the game tonight.

Bobb (5.5)

Very lively on the left side, he chained the overflows, but often sinned in the last gesture with too many touches of the ball in different situations.

Alvarez: see above.

Nunes (4)

A timid game for the latter. If he had the opportunity to score points tonight, the Portuguese was not convincing, being on the back foot on many contested balls. Replaced by Hamilton.

Haaland (5.5)

He was able to hit the target on his first opportunity. Quite discreet during the first half, despite his participation in the game, he finally scored just before the break. Ideally served at the entrance of the area by Rodri, the Norwegian manages to turn around and fire an unstoppable shot at the near post. Replaced by Wright.

Copenhagen: 5-3-2

Grabara (3)

A catastrophic start to the match. While he can’t do anything about Akanji’s early opener, he is then at fault for Foden’s goal. The latter, off-center on the left side, tries his luck at the near post and the Copenhagen goalkeeper completely misses his catch, letting the ball slip into his net. Before the break, he is powerless against Haaland’s goal with a powerful shot at the near post.

Ankerson (5)

At right piston, he didn’t hesitate to show his desire to go forward. However, he mostly had to stay in his own half, facing Bobb’s many accelerations in particular.

Vavro (6)

If on paper, he expected to live a nightmare, he did rather well. Solid in his duels, he did not hesitate to go back short, thus accepting to take risks and show that his team had not come to refuse the game.

Mckenna (5)

He suffered for a long time during the first act, before being better after the break.

Diks (4)

A mixed performance with a start to the match where he was overwhelmed and then a more satisfactory second half.

Jelert (4)

In his left lane, he had a very difficult evening, being regularly overtaken. Replaced by Meling.

Froholdt (3)

A complicated match in which he was not influential. Replaced by Mattson.

Oskarsson (5.5)

Interesting technically, he is the one who delivers a superb assist on Elyounoussi’s goal. On a breakthrough from the latter, the Norwegian striker finds his teammate at the entrance to the box. The midfielder deflects the ball with a superb backheel for his teammate who follows up with a first-time shot that finds the bottom corner. Replaced by Cornelius.

Clem (5)

He gave himself up a lot tonight, all over the field. Despite everything, he was seen to suffer against the local midfielders. Replaced by Hojlund.

Achouri (4)

A difficult game for the latter, who failed to make the difference in the Skyblues’ rear guard. Replaced by Bardghji.

Elyounoussi (6.5)

A very good game from him. Very active, he chained defensive efforts throughout the match in his own half. Precisely, at the half-hour mark, he inherits the ball in his own half and launches himself alone against the Skyblues defense. After a superb run, he finds Oskarsson at the entrance to the box. The latter gives him the ball back with a superb backheel and the Norwegian striker finishes with a nice inside of the right foot to find the bottom corner.

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