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Real Madrid are going crazy for Mbappé

The club is in a state of excitement after his performance against Real Sociedad. They are quietly rubbing their hands together in anticipation of his arrival, which could happen as soon as this summer.

There is one phrase that follows Mbappé: “He’s so good.” It is so simple and direct. It follows him like a shadow, attached like a tattoo. The probability that you have said it at some point is, at the very least, very high. It was exclaimed several times last night in the privacy of Real Madrid, where they watched the Frenchman’s game with a magnifying glass, with great anticipation. They expected a performance and they found a recital. In half an hour he had bruised Real Sociedad, broken the tie and even broken the net of Remiro’s goal. C’est fini. It was a lot of Kylian. He is a lot of footballer.

The conclusion is that Real Madrid are rubbing their hands together… and for two reasons. The first is the most obvious: in just three months, that footballer could be theirs. He is very, very, very close. It is worth remembering several things: although the player has already decided to go to Madrid (and has already told PSG that he is leaving Paris), there is still nothing signed… and it will not be announced either while the two clubs are still alive in the Champions League. That, at least, could even wait until June to avoid an uncomfortable situation for Kylian in Paris. But although they say that all roads lead to Rome, his points directly to Madrid. It is inevitable.

A leader’s double

So in Chamartín, waiting for the signature, they are licking their lips with what they see. His game against Real Sociedad was a spectacle. In the first half hour he had two shots that almost went in and he pierced the net of Remiro’s goal with a moment of genius: he received the ball on the left wing, danced with the ball at his feet, probably thought to himself that enough was enough and fired into the far corner. That killed Real’s hopes of a comeback. Kylian sealed the ticket to the quarterfinals.

But there was time for more. When the hour mark was approaching, he scored his second goal after another demonstration of that impressive speed that he possesses. Trademark. Ball over the back of the defense and, despite starting the race level with Zubeldia, when he reached the area he was already more than five meters ahead, leaving him alone in front of Remiro and firing into the near post. What defines the best, whether in sport or anywhere else, is the ability to make it look easy, what is extraordinary. Incredible. We are at the beginning of March and Mbappé has already scored 40 goals this season: 34 with PSG and six with France.

Nobody will say absolutely anything at Real Madrid. Nobody, unless they break what has been agreed: the Frenchman is not spoken about. Camavinga himself, a close friend of Kylian’s for a long time and with whom he has spoken about the matter, surprised the press conference by saying that they have not spoken, that he does not know anything. Who is this player you are talking about? Hard to believe, impossible. It simply responds to that attitude that has been decided to adopt at the club: keep a low profile, do not give too much hype to the matter, there will be time. Ancelotti has also joined the line of “he is a PSG player and we must respect him”. Full stop. That will be the editorial line in a club that is rubbing its hands together with what is coming.

Morbid alert: Madrid-PSG?

But in these last months of the series there could still be a memorable episode, on par with ‘The Fly’, in Breaking Bad: with PSG already in the quarterfinals, if Madrid qualify tonight… the chances of a crossover in the next round would be even greater. It is something that would be known on March 15, the date of the draw. It is the second reason why Real Madrid are inevitably licking their lips. Because if it happened, it would be an absolutely historic tie. Between that and Mbappé continuing to amaze, the state of euphoria has been more than decreed. AS can attest: Madrid are going crazy. And one phrase is heard: “He’s so good.”

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