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Real Madrid win again with controversial refereeing decisions

Real Madrid won three points again with controversial refereeing decisions. The goal of Modric came after an offside of Rüdiger at the beginning of the play. An action that the VAR validated and that Fernández Buergo, substitute for the injured Díaz de Mera, did not want to review despite the protests of the Sevilla players.

The VAR once again got Carlo Ancelotti and Real Madrid out of trouble, but the Madrid coach still had the nerve to charge against the video refereeing at the end of the match. The Italian spent the entire first half pressuring the refereeing team. Especially on the goal annulled to Lucas Vázquez for a previous foul by Nacho on En Nesyri.

Ancelotti wanted Díaz de Mera not to review the play and maintained his position at the end of the match: “It is difficult for us, football men, to get used to these new rules. That the VAR enters to re-referee the match. The VAR was born to correct obvious errors and in the goal of Lucas Vázquez there is no obvious error, because Nacho touches the foot, but also the ball. It is a general problem since the VAR has entered. For me, it did not have to enter, because it was not a clear error.”

The Madrid coach even pointed out that the refereeing had influenced them: “In the first half we protested a little, because the annulled goal affected us”. However, not a word about the illegal goal that decided the match. And the most serious thing, not a single question in a press room absolutely in line with the interests of Madrid. Not a single dissenting voice. That’s how titles are won.

“Modric deserves it”

Modric was the protagonist of the victory and the press conference, due to doubts about his future. “We celebrated Modric’s goal, because he deserved it. He scored a great goal that allows us to have three more points on the table. It is difficult to leave him on the bench because of the way he trains every day and the example he is for the whole team”, explained Ancelotti, who left his continuity in his hands and those of the club: “The future is in Modric’s hands and we have to wait for his decision. Modric, Kroos and Nacho are in the same situation. The club will have time to fix this in the coming months”.

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