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Real Madrid vs Sevilla match could be replayed due to VAR controversy

The match between Real Madrid and Sevilla FC on Matchday 20 of La Liga is at the heart of a controversy. The question: should it be replayed?

The cause of the controversy is the injury of assistant referee Diaz de Mera in the 60th minute. The fourth referee, who has no experience with the VAR system, replaced him. However, the fourth referee is a referee from Primera Federación, a category where VAR does not exist.

Article 189 of the RFEF regulations allows for this replacement. However, the lack of VAR experience of the Primera Federación referee raises questions about the “legality” of the match.

On his Twitter account, he writes: “Could Sevilla claim the replay of the minutes where the Primera Federación referee acted, who, although allowed by the federative regulations and doing very well, is not certified to referee matches with the VAR system?”

Estrada acknowledges that the referee made the right decisions, while also highlighting the shortcomings of the current system.

It is unlikely that Sevilla will take legal action to have the match replayed. However, the controversy highlights the limitations of the current refereeing system.

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