Deal All But Done for Leny Yoro: Florentino Perez secures agreement, awaiting Signature

Real Madrid have all but secured a deal for Lille defender Leny Yoro, with only the player’s signature missing.

Florentino Perez and Real Madrid have already finalized their roadmap for the summer transfer window. Endrick, Kylian Mbappe, and even Alphonso Davies are expected to arrive, but there is more to come. Real Madrid have reached an almost complete agreement for Leny Yoro. Florentino Perez has secured the deal, and only the player’s signature is pending, which could arrive at any moment. Lille are already aware of the situation.

There is a consensus regarding the 18-year-old defender, who is represented by Jorge Mendes. Despite interest from PSG and a possible bidding war with Qatar, things seem clear at the Bernabeu, where things are more than on track for arrivals this summer. The board of directors and the coaching staff have 99% of the squad secured.

The reality right now is that they will not try to sign him this summer because with the arrivals of Mbappe and Davies, the income chapter is considered closed. The club’s policy is not to jeopardize its hard-earned financial situation and to establish itself among the powerhouses without the need to be a state-owned club. There is only one way for this to change, and that is an unexpected window on February 26.

Waiting until 2025

This is the roadmap that is being maintained right now, with the idea that the Frenchman could sign for Real Madrid in 2025. This is when he would arrive from Lille for free, without a transfer fee. All this so that Leny could be seduced by the possibility of receiving a succulent signing bonus. If we add to this the possibility of accumulating one more year of experience at Lille, everything seems clear.

This is the plan agreed upon by Real Madrid, and Yoro is already aware of it from France. What remains to be seen is whether the player will agree to wait or whether, on the advice of Mendes, he will prefer to join a giant like PSG or Manchester United. He is seen as the great investment in the defense, and if all goes according to plan, he will be more than rewarded in the salary scale by 2025.

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