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AC Milan – Atalanta Bergame (1-1): Player Ratings

Man of the Match: Rafael Leão (8): It had been a while since the Portuguese had been the best player on the pitch, but today there was no doubt that we were seeing a Leão in competition mode. He took the ball from deep, dribbled past Scalvini and Holm (with a bit of luck), and finished with a tight angle shot past Carnesecchi in the 3rd minute of the game. He then went on to create many chances for his teammates (4 passes leading to a shot), dribble past opponents 6 times, and accelerate past them on his side of the pitch. His only weakness was his right-footed crosses, which were rarely followed by a shot.

AC Milan (4-2-3-1):

Mike Maignan (6): He was caught off guard by the penalty, but there was not much he could do about it. He made 2 saves, although they were not very impressive. However, his restarts were very good, often finding a player who could run forward directly.

Theo Hernandez (5): Defensively, the Frenchman was not always reliable. He was sometimes caught out of position or dribbled past, and allowed a few crosses to reach the box. Offensively, he did not offer much apart from 4 long-range shots, none of which were on target. He did, however, provide the assist (a very simple pass) for Leão’s goal.

Matteo Gabbia (5.5): The Italian defender had a good game without having to do too much. He positioned himself well and never let his opponent go. He did just that, without flinching.

Malick Thiaw (6): The same can be said for the German, who also covered the deep runs well and managed Milan’s low build-up play successfully.

Alessandro Florenzi (6): The Italian had a decent game, managing the depth well against both De Ketelaere and Lookman. Although he was sometimes caught out of position, he always came back to correct his mistake. Offensively, he was more present than in recent games and provided some good crosses for Giroud. His set pieces also showed his quality. He was substituted by the returning captain Davide Calabria (57′).

Ismaël Bennacer (5): He started the game well, with good movement between the lines to drive the team forward. However, the Algerian’s influence waned as the game went on, and he lost a few balls in midfield. He did not impress with his technical quality on the ball. Pioli replaced him with Yacine Adli (79′).

Yacine Adli (6): The Frenchman had a good game, especially in the long passing game. He even tried some audacious balls, through the middle for his attackers, which, if they had come off, would have created direct goal-scoring opportunities. In midfield, he was technically correct and showed that he is a very good ball-winner.

Rafael Leão (8): See above.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek (7): The man in form for Milan at the moment once again made his mark on the game. He was again a physical monster today, very difficult to move, and used his body to perfection to turn away from his marker and go in the direction of the play. His passes were then often successful and in the right tempo. Like Leão, the Englishman completed 6 dribbles tonight, and dribbles that were useful to the game.

Christian Pulisic (6): The American was very important tonight and created a few good chances for Milan. His ability to run in behind was used to great effect by Milan tonight. In this respect, his controls at full speed were often very good. His ability to cut inside also created chances for Milan. He had two shots on goal, but was unsuccessful tonight. He was replaced by Noah Okafor (88′).

Olivier Giroud (5): The French striker, as usual, did some good things as a pivot. However, he was not always very precise. He also lacked finishing ability and had 3 shots on goal without finding the back of the net. Often well-marked by Djimsiti, he struggled to be found on the ground. To complete an average game, he conceded the penalty, for a high foot that Holm amplified well, with an absurd simulation.

Atalanta Bergame (3-4-1-2):

M. Carnesecchi (6.5): The Italian goalkeeper had a very good game, despite conceding a goal early on. He made 5 saves, including a great reflex save on a shot from Calabria (61′). He also made several successful sorties off his line, both in the air and on the ground, to give Atalanta some breathing space.

S. Kolasinac (5.5): The left-back had to come off for a while to treat a bloody cut, but he recovered well after the blow. He generally locked down the left side well, although he showed a lack of pace against Pulisic. He compensated for this with good defensive technique, without committing himself.

B. Djimsiti (6): If Giroud didn’t see much of the ball, it was largely thanks to the central defender in this three-man backline. The 31-year-old Albanian showed who was boss tonight, and didn’t leave much space in the box for the Frenchman. He also did well in the air.

G. Scalvini (4): The central defender had a very difficult game tonight, suffering against Leao. He was dribbled past 3 times in the match and really had a tough time against the Milan left side. He was often caught out of pace and seemed powerless throughout the match. He was substituted for R. Toloi (89′).

M. Ruggeri (5): The left wing-back was not particularly impressive in terms of his calmness, but he did his job defensively, being well positioned most of the time to help Kolasinac. However, he was sometimes missing in attack, and his absence did not allow Atalanta to spread the play enough. He was substituted for I. Hien (79′).

Ederson (6): He had a rather quiet first half, although he was satisfactory in his off-the-ball work. But in the second half, he raised his level of play and won back more balls, but also offered more long play for Lookman, for example. Technically, the Brazilian was good and lost few balls.

M. De Roon (4): The Dutch international was very influential in the game tonight, and was not at all in his game. As a proof, he touched the ball 32 times during the 90 minutes, a low total for a midfielder. His total of 16 successful passes also works against him. He often lost the ball and did not offer much forward play.

E. Holm (5.5): Defensively, he was in trouble from the start of the game, on that magnificent goal from Leao, on which he was dribbled past. He was then caught out by the Portuguese a few more times. But he made up for his game with good activity on the attacking front. He was very vertical and made the necessary runs for the game. At half-time, Gasperini surprisingly took him off for D. Zappacosta (45′).

T. Koopmeiners (4): In addition to not creating much, the attacking midfielder was not effective, with 2 shots (excluding the penalty) for none on target. He was clearly not inspired on the ball, even though he is the one who has to create the game for Atalanta. To make up for his game, he scored the (controversial) penalty conceded by Giroud in the 42nd minute, against the run of play.

C. De Ketelaere (5): The Belgian had an average first half. He didn’t really make an impact on the game. This was not easy, of course, with the few chances he had to receive the ball. But, facing the club that loaned him to Atalanta, the young Bruges player was not able to do much. He pressed a little bit and tried to counter-attack, but without really convincing. He came off at half-time for A. Lookman, who was returning from injury (45′).

A. Miranchuk (4.5): The left-winger for the Nerazzurri Bergamaschi was not convincing and seemed uninspired both technically and in his runs. He was not found in many interesting positions offensively. He was replaced by G. Scamacca (63′).

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