Real Betis resigned to losing star midfielder Guido Rodríguez

Real Betis president Ángel Haro has expressed his frustration over the difficulties in renewing Guido Rodríguez’s contract, effectively resigning the club to the departure of one of their key players.

Despite the club’s efforts, Rodríguez’s agent has shown a lack of willingness to reach an agreement, leading to speculation about his future. With the June 30 deadline approaching, Betis faces the prospect of losing a valuable asset.

The situation is further complicated by Rodríguez’s current injury, which could affect his value in the transfer market. Meanwhile, rumors about potential destinations for the player, such as Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, continue to grow.

Aware of the situation, Betis seems to be preparing for Rodríguez’s departure, which could mean a significant change in their squad for next season. With time running out, the club may be forced to consider its options and make important decisions in the coming weeks.

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