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Fabrizio Romano caught in Culé colors: Madrid fans up in arms!

A video has surfaced of transfer guru Fabrizio Romano revealing his true colors as a Barcelona fan. This revelation has left many Real Madrid fans feeling betrayed, as Romano has been accused of showing favoritism towards the Catalan club in his reporting.

Romano has become one of the most trusted voices in the world of football journalism in recent years. However, his credibility has been called into question by some Madrid fans, who point to his seemingly biased coverage of the club.

In the video, Romano talks about how he got his start in journalism and how Barcelona played a big role in his career. He even goes so far as to say that he owes everything to the club.

This has understandably upset many Madrid fans, who feel that Romano has not been fair to their club in his reporting. They point to the fact that he often provides more detailed information about Madrid’s signings, such as the exact amounts of bonuses, while he is less forthcoming with details about Barcelona’s signings.

Madrid fans are also upset that Romano has not said much about the Negreira scandal, which involved Barcelona making payments to a former referee over a period of several years.

Romano has always denied being a Barcelona fan, but this video seems to suggest otherwise. It remains to be seen whether this will damage his reputation among Madrid fans, but it is clear that he has lost the trust of some.

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