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Why Kylian Mbappé protects his celebration?

Kylian Mbappé, the French football prodigy, recently made a decision that shook the sports world. After months of anticipation, the 25-year-old Mbappé announced he would be leaving PSG at the end of his contract this summer. As reported for months, it is now confirmed that the talented French striker will join the prestigious ranks of Real Madrid.

Besides negotiations about his salary, signing bonus, and various bonuses, another crucial issue arises for Mbappé: his image rights. It is well known that the player attaches great importance to protecting his image and reputation. That’s why he has taken significant steps to secure his image rights and his iconic celebrations.

Protecting his trademarks

Through his Paris-based lawyers, Kylian Mbappé has taken steps to protect his trademarks with the European Intellectual Property Office in Alicante, according to AS. He has filed no fewer than 7 trademarks, including his last name, first name in different forms, and his initials. In addition, he has taken care to protect his famous celebrations, notably the crossed arms one, which he has filed in different variations.

Among the registered trademarks are also emblematic expressions associated with Mbappé such as “moi, tu ne me parles pas d’âge” (you don’t talk to me about age) and “le football, il a changé” (football has changed). This approach demonstrates the meticulous attention Mbappé pays to every detail of his image and career.

Mbappé’s decision to protect his trademarks and celebrations only underscores his commitment to his own image and reputation. As a world-renowned footballer, he is aware of the importance of controlling his image and preserving his legacy for future generations. This initiative also demonstrates his desire to ensure that his name and celebrations remain associated with him and are not exploited without his consent.

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