Reims: Junya Ito fights back against accusations

Junya Ito is seeking damages for defamation from the women who accused him of sexual assault.

Since his highly publicized arrival at Stade de Reims in the summer of 2022, Junya Ito has quickly established himself as a key player for the team in the French top flight. However, despite his on-field performances, the start of his season has been marked by challenges, both on and off the pitch. Indeed, a case of sexual assault has cast a shadow over his reputation, raising questions both personally and professionally.

While representing his country at the Asian Cup, Junya Ito was confronted with allegations of sexual assault from two women. This accusation not only disrupted his concentration during the major sporting event, but also sparked a media outcry and questioned his integrity as a high-level athlete.

Junya Ito’s legal response

Back with the Reims team, Junya Ito has chosen to respond to these accusations formally. His lawyer, Hirotaro Kato, spoke to the press to express his client’s firm position. In an unequivocal speech, he stressed the crucial importance for a professional player to protect his reputation, highlighting the devastating consequences that such allegations can have on an already short sporting career.

Faced with these accusations, which he calls defamatory, Junya Ito has decided to take legal action to defend his name and honor. By filing a complaint against the two women, he seeks not only to restore his tarnished reputation but also to obtain compensation for the damage suffered.

In accordance with the legal action taken, Junya Ito is claiming significant damages, amounting to 200 million yen, equivalent to 1.2 million euros. This approach aims to demonstrate his determination to defend his integrity and to deter any future defamation against him.

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