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RC Strasbourg 1-3 FC Lorient: Player Ratings 

Man of the Match: Mohamed Bamba (8)

The Ivorian, signed in the winter transfer window, has lived up to his savior role, scoring 5 goals in his last 4 Ligue 1 games.

RC Strasbourg (4-4-1-1)

Alaa Bellaarouch (2)

The Moroccan, who has been playing since Sels’ departure, has yet to convince. He made a blunder in the opening seconds, allowing Bamba to score the opener. He was caught out twice more, by Bamba just before halftime (45+2′) and by Ponceau just after the break (49′).

Marvin Senaya (5)

The Strasbourg player started well, with good intentions in the duel with Ponceau, but was replaced by Delaine at the 55th minute. His combinations with Bakwa and Mwanga were noteworthy, despite the defeat.

Lucas Perrin (4)

The former Marseillais, visibly affected during the warm-up, struggled throughout the match. His early mistake, which led to the first goal, did not help his confidence.

Abakar Sylla (4)

Neither exceptional nor terrible, the Ivorian delivered a rather lackluster performance.

Frédéric Guilbert (7)

The captain was one of the best Strasbourg players on the pitch. However, his match started poorly. Not strong enough in the duel, he allowed Kalulu to cross for the first goal. He was then very solid with numerous interventions as the last defender. He even tried to revive his team by scoring from a Bakwa corner.

Junior Mwanga (5)

The former Bordeaux player, who had been in good form recently, was a bit more erratic this afternoon. His offensive involvement is also to be noted.

Ismael Doukoure (4)

The midfielder was started, following Sissoko’s suspension. It is clear that he has not yet fully recovered from his injury. He was replaced by Angelo at the 55th minute.

Dilane Bakwa (6.5)

Long kept on the bench, because he was judged not yet ready, the young Frenchman seems to have reached a high level. Not hesitating to dribble, launch deep passes or even tackle, the player fought hard to score… in vain. Bordeaux can bite their fingers for having sold him so cheaply. In the last minutes, the Alsatian received a red card for a tackle on Touré.

Habib Diarra (5)

The Racing’s revival is partly due to the revival of its playmaker. On the technical level, the young player did not demerit. Unfortunately, when he approaches the surface, he loses his means completely. He was replaced by Rabby Nzingoula at the 79th minute.

Jessy Deminguet (3)

One wonders if he is not stronger as a super-sub. Indeed, his last outings were rather interesting, but he always came in in the second half. Today, to reward him, Vieira decided to start him. It did not pay off, with a game that tended to lean towards the right side, Bakwa’s side. He was logically replaced at the 55th minute by Gameiro, who was also returning from injury.

Emanuel Emegha (3)

The Dutch striker has been a shadow of his former self since the start of the season. He shows willingness but he always acts with a few seconds of latency. When will he finally catch up? This afternoon, he fought well in the duel but it was to no avail. His only one-on-one, at the 42nd minute, was perfectly mastered by the Swiss goalkeeper Mvogo.

Lorient (3-4-2-1)

Yvon Mvogo (6)

Unlike Bellaarouch, the Swiss goalkeeper was solid between the posts. He did what he needed to do to help his team earn three points.

Nathaniel Adjei (5)

Solid but not spectacular, the defender was involved in the game, as the play did not favor his side. He even played a role in the second goal with a good pass to Kari.

Montassar Talbi (5)

In his duel with Emegha, the Tunisian won the majority of his battles. His only failed duel was the aforementioned Emegha chance. On the same action, he came off with a shoulder injury (44′). He was therefore replaced by Julien Laporte (4) who was much less effective.

Isaak Touré (6)

Not very agile, the central defender had injured three Strasbourg players in the first leg. In the same vein of delicacy, he saved his team on several occasions. At 2.06 meters tall, he was able to win a large majority of his duels.

Gédéon Kalulu (4)

Mixed match for him. Very little, too little inspired, he did not help his team much. His only notable action was his cross that led to the opening goal. He was replaced in the 61st minute by Darlin Yongwa.

Tiemoue Bakayoko (5)

The Lorient midfielder was very good at winning the ball back.

Laurent Abergel (6.5)

The Lorient captain had a positive impact on his team this afternoon. Very active in midfield, the Merlus did not dominate the game. This is what Abergel understood very well, by initiating the recovery of the ball without ever trying to create the game.

Théo Le Bris (3.5)

Completely missed his game, the son of the Merlus coach still delivered an assist, albeit involuntarily. Indeed, on the second goal, he attempted a shot that turned into an assist for Bamba. On Guilbert’s goal, he was clearly at fault.

Ayman Kari (5)

Decent performance for the former Parisian. He helped to organize the play on Bamba’s second goal. He was replaced in the 61st minute by Aiyegun Tosin.

Mohamed Bamba (8): See above

Julien Ponceau (5.5)

The Breton winger had a lot of trouble playing his game. He lost the ball very often foolishly. He still distinguished himself before the break with a key pass to Le Bris who was able to make his shot/assist (see above). After the break, on a pass from Bakayoko, he crushed the Alsatian hopes by scoring the goal for 3-0.

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