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Juventus 0-1 Udinese: Player Ratings

Man of the Match: M. Okoye (7.5) – The Nigerian goalkeeper made several excellent saves, especially in the first half, to keep Udinese in the game. He made a reflex save from a Milik header that was one of the best stops of the Serie A season.

Juventus (3-5-2)

W. Szczesny (5): Made only one save, on the visitors’ goal, but could do nothing about Gianetti’s finish after a mix-up in the Juve defense.

F. Gatti (5): Good defensive performance from the Italian international, who kept Thauvin quiet. He tried to get forward but without much success.

G. Bremer (6): Very solid performance from the Brazilian rock, who kept Lucca quiet and won most of his duels. He was good with short passes, but not so good with long passes. Defensively, the former Torino player can have no complaints, apart from a yellow card that will rule him out of the next match against Hellas Verona.

Alex Sandro (3): What can be said about Alex Sandro’s performance? He was the author and finisher of Udinese’s goal, the problem being that he is a Juventus player. It was he who conceded the foul that led to a free kick for Samardžić, the Serbian crossed, and Alex Sandro deceived his goalkeeper by making a decisive pass to Gianetti. Offensively, the Brazilian offered nothing except for a good cross for Milik.

T. Weah (3): A very sad game for the American international, who was rarely served on his right flank. On the few occasions he was served, he made very poor use of the ball. He had little influence on the game and was replaced by Kenan Yildiz (61′).

A. Cambiaso (6): He was Juve’s only attacking ray of sunshine tonight. He was lively on his flank and did everything he could to create danger in the opposing box, but his actions were rarely followed up by his teammates. He was one of the few satisfactions for Juventus tonight. He was replaced by Cerri (84′).

W. McKennie (4): “Harry Potter” is McKennie’s nickname in Turin, but tonight he was not a wizard but a ghost. He was non-existent in midfield and offered nothing offensively to Juventus tonight. A very disappointing performance from him, who has had better games in recent times.

A. Rabiot (4): Captain of Juventus tonight, the Frenchman was like his midfield colleagues, non-existent and disappointing. Apart from an incalculable number of passes backwards, the vice-world champion midfielder did nothing special tonight. Disappointing, he played 90 minutes.

M. Locatelli (4): When Locatelli is not in form, Juventus very rarely are. The Italian international had a game without anything, and was not good in his role as number 6. His long lateral passes did not find takers in this game from Juventus. He was replaced by Caviglia (77′).

F. Chiesa (3): Very sad game from Chiesa, who lost a lot of balls and was angry with his teammates at every opportunity. He offered nothing offensively to the Bianconeri tonight. He made several shots, but did not worry the opposing goalkeeper except at the very beginning of the match with a shot saved by Okoye. He was replaced by Illing JR (77′).

A. Milik (2): With Vlahovic injured, the Pole was lined up at the point of the Turin attack, having been sent off in his last game against Empoli. The former Marseille player was poor tonight. When Cambiaso crossed from his flank, he sent a low cross for the Pole, the goalkeeper was no longer in the axis of the goal but Milik sent the ball into the 6-yard box. Later in the game, he again found the Nigerian goalkeeper in his way with a header that was too centered. In addition to these missed chances, he was not useful in the game and offered nothing offensively. However, he played 90 minutes.

Udinese (3-5-1-1)

Man of the Match: M. Okoye (7.5) – See above.

N. Pérez (6): The Argentine defender was solid defensively and in his distribution. He was rarely troubled by the Juventus attackers, who were largely anonymous tonight. A big defensive performance from him.

L. Giannetti (6.5): The scorer of the only goal of the game after a poor clearance from Sandro, the Argentine was also very solid defensively. A captain’s performance from him. Udinese need this kind of player to continue their adventure in Serie A.

T. Kristensen (5.5): Compared to his central defensive partners, the young Dane struggled a little more on the rare occasions that Torino attacked. However, there were no major consequences. He recovered the ball well at the right times. In terms of distribution, he had no choice but to clear the ball forward on more than one occasion, leading to a high number of lost balls.

K. Ehizibue (5): Struggling on his right flank against the many dribbles of Cambiaso, the Nigerian nevertheless showed himself to be solid, especially against Chiesa, who was not having a great night. He was replaced by João Ferreira (65′).

L. Samardžić (7): The Serbian had a very good game and was the creator of his team’s only goal. He was very active in midfield and was good both offensively and defensively. Tonight, Udinese were able to count on their “furioclasse”. He was the best player on the pitch tonight.

Walace (5): Not very good in duels, the Brazilian was put in difficulty on the very rare occasions that Rabiot and McKennie attacked. However, he was good in distribution despite a high number of lost balls due to his team’s defensive tactics.

S. Lovric (4.5): A game similar to that of his partner Walace, a lot of lost balls, bad short distribution, Lovric lost a lot of duels in midfield tonight. Fortunately for him, the Turin players were having a very bad night. He was replaced by Festy Ebosele (65′).

J. Zemura (5): Rarely called upon by Weah on his left flank, the Zimbabwean lost few duels and was accurate in his passing. He was replaced by Festy Ebosele (65′).

F. Thauvin (4): The world champion was unable to exploit his talent tonight. After his team opened the scoring, he had to give his all in defensive efforts, forgetting about attacking. He was largely anonymous in this game and was replaced by Brenner (77′).

L. Lucca (4): The Italian giant (2m01) was muzzled by Bremer. Against his will, he was non-existent offensively, just like his French partner. It was a difficult game for the Udinese strikers. He was replaced by Isaac Success (77′).

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