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Real Madrid 4-0 Girona: Player ratings

Man of the Match – Vinicius (9): If Real Madrid were a university, Vinicius would be the top of the class, no doubt. The Brazilian has learned his lessons at the Casa Blanca and it shows. The first goal (5′) is reminiscent of CR7’s best moments at the Bernabeu. Vini receives the ball on the left side, cuts inside and gets on his right foot before sending a rocket into the far corner, leaving the Girona keeper with no chance. On the second goal, it was the precision class that was put into practice. Like his teammate Modric, Vinicius caresses the ball with the outside of his foot to get around the Girona defense and find Bellingham in depth who finishes magnificently. To top it off, he is also decisive on the third goal where by sneaking into the Girona defense, he is again the main artisan of Bellingham’s goal who only has to push the ball into the net. Beyond his offensive contribution marked by his dynamism, the attacker also distinguished himself by his defensive work, notably on the fourth goal where he steals the ball from Couto. A successful performance for the Madrid nugget. Ovationed, the Brazilian leaves his place to Arda Güler (77′).

Real Madrid (4-3-1-2):

Lunin (GK) (6): Not really put in danger, Lunin remained focused and applied when needed.

Lucas Vasquez (6.5): Good match from the new Spanish full-back who was once again very mobile and was able to provide numerical superiority in attack on many occasions.

Carvajal © (7): More than a serious match for the Spanish international who stood out for his intelligence. He proved that being a central defender can rhyme with small size when reading the game and anticipation are key.

Tchouameni (6.5): Not really troubled by the Girona attack, the Frenchman remained focused on his defensive interventions. Good match overall.

Mendy (6): A sober match. No frills, but simplicity in the passing game and defensive rigor to give Vinicius all the freedom he needs. He gives his place to Fran Garcia (77′).

Camavinga (7.5): Omnipresent in the build-up play and provocative in his projection, the young Frenchman pierced the Girona midfield. His sole take, beyond being aesthetic, is more than effective because it allows the game to be opened up and creates many gaps. The leader’s suit fits him perfectly.

Valverde (6.5): Less visible than his teammates in midfield, the Uruguayan was the shadow man today. Beyond his assist for Vinicius on Real’s first goal, he was useful in the distribution and defensive contribution thanks to his always thoughtful positioning.

Kroos (8): He gains years, but does not lose his talent, the veteran Kroos reassures his teammates with his serenity. While walking, the German illuminates the game with his luminous diagonals and his unfailing intelligence. He gives his place to Modric (70′).

Bellingham (8.5): Acclaimed when he came out, the English nugget is already the darling of the Bernabeu. Bellingham is a big-game player, and he’s showing it again today. Once again the author of a double, he was both very active in the build-up and in front of goal. In the 35th minute of the game, his intelligent call behind Garcia is graciously served by Vinicius’ caviar and he concludes this action by dribbling the goalkeeper with a devastating control. He scores a double (54′) following an offensive festival by Vinicius where the Englishman follows the action well and only has to push the ball into the net after an uncontrolled save by the Girona goalkeeper. He gives his place to Brahim Diaz after a physical glitch (56′).

Rodrygo (7): Always offensive and dynamic, Rodrygo got himself a few chances but remained timid in the first half. We had to wait until the 61st minute of the game for the Brazilian to come out of his two-month drought. The attacker takes advantage of a Girona loss of ball to make a 60-meter run and find the back of the net with a powerful shot. He then crucifies the fate of the dolphin. He is replaced by Joselu (70′) who misses a penalty that could have offered the manita to his team.

Girona (4-2-3-1)

Gazzaniga (3.5): A match to forget for the Girona keeper. Guilty on the second and third goals, the Argentinian didn’t allow his team to keep their heads above water against the Madrid waves.

Couto (2.5): If Vinicius had so much fun, it’s partly due to the disastrous performance of the right-back. Beyond being the main culprit on most of the goals conceded by his team, Couto was humiliated by the Brazilian attacker, like a little brother playing against his older brother. The Girona Brazilian is likely to have nightmares about his compatriot for the next few nights. To top off this missed performance, he causes a penalty (88′) which, fortunately for him, is not scored by Joselu.

García E. (4): Offensively, Eric Garcia tried to create space by carrying the ball up against a Madrid side that was sitting back. However, defensively, it was more complicated for the Spaniard, especially on the second goal where he was late and caught out by Bellingham’s clever run behind.

Juanpe © (4): The armband didn’t even allow him to cope with the white tide of the Merengue. Indeed, the captain was in difficulty throughout the match, especially on Rodrygo’s goal where he stayed back and left a boulevard for the Brazilian.

Miguel G. (5.5): Intelligent in his positioning, in order to create gaps and spaces, the left-back was essential in the first half with his offensive contribution. Defensively, he did what he could to contain a less in-form Rodrygo today. Of the four defenders, the Spaniard was the one who showed the best face.

Martin (5): A distributor of good balls, but too weak defensively where he was eaten up by the Madrid midfield on the counter-press. He was replaced by Solis (70′).

Garcia A. (5): Just like his midfield teammate, in the offensive phase, he provided stability for his team, but was unable to counter the Merengue attacks when needed.

Tsygankov (5.5): One of the most dangerous Girona players in the first half thanks to his mobility and movement, but not always accurate in his choices. The Ukrainian dropped off in the second half, like his team. He was replaced by Valéry (70′).

Portu (3.5): Ghostly in the first half, he brought nothing to his team’s game, even though his number 10 position requires it. He was logically replaced by Pablo Torre at half-time (45′) who was more active, without being decisive.

Savio (4): Continuous loss of balls and a crippling lack of presence for his team, the young Brazilian was in great difficulty throughout the match.

Dovbyk (4.5): The Ukrainian striker was rarely served and was more than discreet in this high-stakes match where more was expected of him. Although he did some good things, it was a disappointing performance overall. He was replaced by Stuani (70′) who did not bring any more.

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