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Marseille vs Metz (1-1): Player Ratings

Man of the Match:

Onana (8): The Marseille recruit had an exceptional game in a very complicated role. He was isolated in midfield due to the many absentees and then the exclusion of Gigot. He recovered numerous balls, was seen offensively in the duel but also in cover on the counters, he almost succeeded in everything tonight.

OM (4-3-3):

Pau Lopez (5.5): He made a decisive save but still no clean sheet, which he has achieved so few this season, even if Udol’s header was not easy to anticipate.

Merlin (7): After a failed start in Lyon, he had a very good game tonight with OM, bringing a lot of balls into the opponent’s camp and distributing good vertical passes. Full of malice, he was also the decisive passer!

Balerdi (6): He made several classy tackles, showing once again all his positive fighting spirit. The only downside is that he did not see Udol arrive behind him on the Metz goal.

Gigot (not rated): In a period when he is not at his best, he committed the irreparable with a rather clumsy foul and was logically sanctioned with a red card.

Clauss (5): Still a little nonchalant, and it is apparently not only in matches, he did the minimum tonight, without failing but without shining either.

Harit (not rated): After a timid start to the match, he suffered the tactical change following the exclusion of Gigot, replaced by Meïté (5), who was interesting in his positioning close to the ball carrier but never brings anything offensively.

Ounahi (3): Despairing on a header that it was more difficult to give to the goalkeeper than to put in the back of the net, he once again multiplied useless runs and lost balls, he is clearly well below expectations.

Moumbagna (6.5): Useful in front where he always went to the right place at the right time, he put himself in a good position several times and was able to score with a lot of opportunism and lucidity on Merlin’s cross.

Aubameyang (6): He defended, attacked, ran, passed… So he had a full game tonight, but he still lacks that sense of goal, that spark that would make him a truly great striker again.

Ndiaye (4.5): It’s still too little, he has percussion and two or three times he had good inspirations, but it’s very messy overall and he still brings very little in front!

Metz (5-3-2):

Oukidja (5.5): Always imposing in the air, he had a decent game and can’t do much about the goal conceded.

Udol (7): Very present in the duel, he had a superb flash of lucidity to come and place a beautiful header synonymous with equalization.

Traore (5.5): If he didn’t touch many balls, he was very solid in the axis, pushing the Marseillais to look for the sides rather.

Sane (6): He too was good defensively, notably by his quick replacements, he always read the Marseille game well to find himself in opposition, defending with talent without giving himself away.

Herelle (4.5): The most clumsy of the Messins behind tonight, he often released the ball too quickly without looking up, and seemed in difficulty several times against Aubameyang in particular.

Van Den Kerkhof (6): Very present on the counterattacks, he often covered the 50m that separated his initial position from the Marseille camp to provide solutions in the middle, playing a role of often useful relay.

Camara (6.5): Precious by his lucidity, he delivered several passes that could have been decisive, and he is moreover considered as a decisive passer since it is his gesture that brings the ball to Udol for the Metz equalizer.

N’Doram (3): Very little seen in the first half when he watched the ball pass more than anything else, touching 13 balls in 45 minutes, he was replaced at half-time by the young Nduquidi (4), who crossed in his turn the second period by touching only one more ball, without bringing in the game either.

Jean-Jacques (4): 25 balls touched in 90 minutes, this sums up a little the discreet match of the midfielder tonight, he certainly ran to bring availability, but he was unable to stand out, often beaten in the duels.

Mikautadze (6.5): He will have been by far the most interesting Messin offensively, very provocative with the ball at his feet, he often carried the ball far ahead, and just sometimes lacked a little inspiration on the last gestures.

Lamkel Ze (5.5): He was not very visible in the game, did not show himself much and defended little, but on the other hand he was interesting in front on the balls that came to him, knowing how to get himself a few dangerous situations.

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