Mbappé and Bellingham beware: new ‘Blue Card’ could be coming to Real Madrid

Major changes are coming to football, with a new disciplinary measure on the horizon. The so-called “blue card” could be shown to players like Mbappé and Bellingham in the future for Real Madrid.

The Telegraph reports that significant changes are coming to the sport. This measure could affect all types of players, and it has more than a few Real Madrid fans wondering how it would affect Kylian Mbappé or Jude Bellingham. Here’s how the famous blue card that FIFA plans to introduce in the coming years works.

The most popular sport in the world is looking to adapt to the times and move away from its outdated regulations. Many believe that the current rules are too lenient and can even affect the outcome of competitions and matches due to their application or misapplication. This is why the introduction of the blue card is being seriously considered.

Don’t worry, it won’t be tested in official competitions anytime soon. England has announced that several unofficial competitions will be the first to implement the blue card, which will be a punishment between a yellow and red card as we know them. It is a punishment for a player who will have to leave the field of play for a period of 10 minutes. This is, of course, a 180º turn in refereeing.

Revolution or involution?

This punishment will only be applied when a player protests a referee’s decision or commits a cynical foul. It is not intended for situations where a player causes time-wasting through a foul on the opponent or the clash itself. While it is not expected to be implemented in official competition anytime soon, there are some things to consider.

England has announced that testing to begin studying how to implement this card during matches could begin as early as this summer. The teams that will be included in the tests, including powerhouses like Real Madrid, are not ignoring how the sport would change with the introduction of a blue card that aims to promote fair play and prevent time-wasting.

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