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Inter Milan – Juventus Turin (1-0): player ratings

Man of the match: Pavard (8): The Frenchman was all over the pitch. It was with an overhead kick that he contributed to the only goal of the match, brushing the ball with his foot to put it on the chest of a Torino defender. The latter ended up deflecting the ball into his own net. In addition to this, the 2018 world champion imposed himself in his zone to block the offensives of Kostic and his partners. We see him clearing away hot balls too often, with his desire, his positioning and a lot of self-sacrifice.

Inter Milan (3-5-2)

Sommer (5): In the end, the Swiss goalkeeper never really had a chance to show his talent. His vigilance was enough to keep his cage clean.

Pavard (8): see above.

Acerbi (7): The defender engaged in a real duel with Vlahovic and the Italian came out victorious without difficulty. The Serbian will never be able to exist in this game because he will be perfectly locked down by the 35-year-old veteran.

Bastoni (6.5): Much more discreet than his previous partner, it is not for all that he does less well than him on the field. Solid in his interventions and in his relaunches, the 24-year-old Italian did not deserve in this three-man defense of Inter Milan. He is replaced by De Vrij in the 89th minute.

Darmian (5): The former Manchester United player was not completely in his game. Sometimes messy in passing the ball or not very attentive to the play of his partners, the Italian was too absent in this game to stand out. He left too much space for his opponents, unlike Pavard, who was much more in anticipation to prevent Torino situations in his corridor. Dumfries replaces him in the 73rd minute.

Barella (6): His first movements with the ball are rather messy and the Italian concedes losses of the ball that he should not lose. With more application, his foot becomes more precise and it is on one of his balls that he allows the opening of the score. The rest of his performance is better, much better, with less technical waste. Klaassen replaces him in the 89th minute.

Calhanoglu (7): The Inter virtuoso did not fail to live up to his reputation. He served his entire attack with millimeter-precise balls into the deep. An essential element of the Interist game organization, the Turk tried to make his team live by initiating the best chances of the meeting. He is not even far from scoring with a shot that misses the Szczesny skylight by a narrow margin.

Mkhitaryan (5.5): Very generous in his efforts, the Armenian, however, did not show the same precision as his Turkish midfield partner. The former Manchester United and Arsenal player was less in evidence in terms of the quality of what he offered.

Dimarco (7): The left piston is extremely dangerous on Inter’s biggest chances at the start of the match. His speed allows him to make differences on his side and a few gaps from Gatti isolate him in the Juventus box. A little more accuracy in the last gesture could have given his team additional goals. He gives up his place to Carlos Augusto in the 73rd minute.

M. Thuram (6.5): Everything he did on the field was well done. He gets fouls, makes differences with the ball, brings a point of fixation to his partners to give depth to the counter-attacks. Too much speed and precipitation make him miss the finish of his most dangerous actions. However, it is he who presses Gatti when the latter deflects the ball into his own net. Arnautovic replaces him in the 77th minute.

L. Martinez (5.5): He wanted to shine or simply score. He makes the necessary efforts to achieve it but the Torino defense tightens him well and he is doomed to the feat to be decisive. He finishes the game on his knees.

Juventus Turin (3-5-2)

Szczesny (7): Dantesque performance by the Polish goalkeeper with two incredible saves to keep his team in the game. He could certainly have done better on Gatti’s own goal, but it was complicated. Despite the defeat, the Juventus goalkeeper really stood out in a very positive way.

Gatti (5.5): Two big mistakes tarnish his overall performance. The first is a negligence that allows Dimarco to stay alone in the box to try to deceive Szczesny and the second costs the goal of this match by losing his duel against Thuram. The rest of his performance is very convincing with good interventions that prevented Inter from hoping to widen the gap. The Italian gives up his place to Sandro in the 88th minute.

Bremer (7): The Brazilian was imperial in the center of Juventus’ three-man defense. Impassable, he illustrates himself, among other things, with a last-defender tackle on Thuram.

Danilo (6): His game is interesting but he must be more vigilant on the goal because he is guilty of having let Pavard go behind his back. It’s a shame because he showed a lot of defensive solidity.

Cambiasso (5): The Italian was available, finding ways to combine to accelerate his team’s play. Regularly present in the Turinese situations, he does not, however, manage to be decisive in the game. Miretti replaces him in the 88th minute.

Mckennie (4.5): As soon as he uses his power, the American manages to break lines and give offerings to his partners. However, he will only do it once in this match. For the rest, his performance is bland. He gives up his place to Alcaraz in the 90th minute.

Locatelli (5): The Italian was moved around in midfield by Inter Milan’s impressive midfield. Very much alone in organizing and trying to accelerate the Turin game, he will not allow Juve to really believe in their comeback.

Rabiot (5.5): More offensive, more interesting and more enterprising to destabilize the Inter block, the Frenchman came up against the solidity and hardness of his opponents in the fight. He manages to carry the ball to the edge of the Inter box but without really finding the flaw.

Kostic (5.5): In his lane, the Serbian makes differences and eliminates opponents to project himself forward but he comes up against an excellent Pavard tonight who will put him in check. T Weah replaces him in the 66th minute.

Yildiz (4): Movements but not on the attacking front. He moves into midfield to make the ball live but remains more invisible than useful to his team. His performance is insufficient. Chiesa replaces him in the 66th minute.

Vlahovic (3.5): Either we don’t see him. Or, he doesn’t know what to do with the ball and loses it. But in any case, he misses his game again. He has a goal ball on an impeccable service from Mckennie, the only one, but shamefully misses his control of the ball.

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