Antonio Conte was an option for Barcelona

The minute after Xavi revealed that he will leave Barcelona, the rumors about the possible replacements started. The list of probable replacements is getting longer and longer and Antonio Conte was on it.

The goal is to get a new coach who can easily adapt to the project and who is a top-level coach. The work that the Catalan club will have to do next season will be quite arduous, and they need someone capable, so Conte could be a good option.

He received the call

For some time now, Deco has been contacting some coaches with the intention of starting negotiations. New information reveals that one of them has been Antonio Conte. Apparently he received the proposal with a thank you, the problem is that he has rejected it.

The 54-year-old coach is currently without a team, and although he is listening to all the proposals, the one that really interests him is the one from Milan. He is the best placed to replace Pioli and it seems that his negotiations with the Italian club are advanced.

The offer has come too late

Conte’s profile as a coach is really attractive. He would be able to redirect the team and put some order in place. The problem is that the proposal has come too late. Although Xavi’s departure had been rumored for a long time, it was not until a few days ago that his decision was revealed.

In this time Conte managed to reach an agreement in principle with the Serie A club. For obvious reasons, this project seems more interesting to him. More information is expected soon, but for now he is ruled out for the Barça bench.

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