Lionel Messi as the next Barcelona manager? That’s the wild proposal!

What if the next Barcelona manager after Xavi was… Lionel Messi? That’s the wild proposal being floated around these days.

A few days ago, Xavi made a major change at Barcelona when he announced that his time as manager of the Catalan club would end at the end of the season. With the club’s performances struggling, the question of who will replace him has been quickly raised. And in recent days, a surprising proposal has emerged: that Messi come in as a savior and take over the Barcelona manager’s role!

This idea came from former international midfielder Danny Murphy, who played for Liverpool and is now a pundit for TalkSport radio. “I’d give the Barcelona job to Messi,” Murphy said. “The fans would get behind him immediately. Everything he touches turns to gold. He was put on this earth to do incredible things. And that won’t stop as a manager.”

Is Messi as a Barcelona manager a real possibility? In a recent interview with Star+, Messi said he didn’t have a future as a manager in mind… but then reminded people that Zinedine Zidane had said the same thing. “I don’t really have the intention of being a manager, but Zidane said exactly that and then he became a manager and won the Champions League three times,” Messi said. “I like the role of sporting director, building teams and supporting managers, but I’m not totally sure either.”

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