Is Raúl de Tomás’s time at Rayo Vallecano coming to an end?

Raúl de Tomás (RDT), the star striker, has become a dilemma for the Rayo Vallecano sporting directorate. Despite being a high-profile signing, his role in Francisco’s system has been drastically reduced, leaving him in a marginal position within the team.

With one of the highest salaries in the squad, RDT’s presence has become a burden for Rayo Vallecano’s future planning. The discrepancy between his salary and his contribution to the team raises the possibility of a departure during the winter transfer window.

Interest from Real Betis and the watchful eye of Las Palmas

Real Betis has emerged as one of the main suitors for RDT, seeing him as the ideal replacement to cover the absence of Borja Iglesias. However, the differences between the loan terms proposed by Betis and the preferences of Rayo Vallecano could hinder an agreement.

Meanwhile, UD Las Palmas, although not showing an urgent need, remains attentive to the market in search of last-minute opportunities. Contacts with RDT have begun, and although no formal offer has yet been made, the possibility of one emerging before the January 31st transfer deadline cannot be ruled out.

Raúl de Tomás’s future seems to be in the balance, and his fate could be determined in the coming weeks as clubs negotiate his stay or departure.

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