Carlos Martínez’s controversial opinion on VAR at the Bernabéu: against Vinicius

The Real Madrid vs UD Almería match is causing a lot of controversy. Many journalists have spoken out about what happened at the Santiago Bernabéu. VAR did justice, but various media outlets are trying to sell something else.

One person who has not hesitated to give his opinion is Carlos Martínez. It is true that the legendary narrator of LaLiga matches was not at the helm of the broadcast yesterday.

However, this has not prevented him from taking a position on what happened in the Merengue fiefdom: “I really hate it when VAR intervenes for things that are so debatable like whether Vinicius hits him with his shoulder or his arm. Correcting the field referee for these things was not in the original script,” he said on social media.

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The double standard of measuring things is what infuriates Real Madrid fans. In fact, many people have recalled the way Carlos Martínez reacted during the Chelsea vs FC Barcelona match of the famous ‘Stanford Bridge scandal’.

He didn’t see any hand

Inexplicably, the journalist didn’t see any hand that night. In that match, as many will remember, there are up to five penalties in favor of Chelsea. Well, two are for a clear handball. One from Gerard Piqué and another from Samuel Eto’o.

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However, in that match he did not complain at all about the refereeing decisions. Fifteen years later he is bothered by a play in which VAR had to intervene to do justice. All of this because it does not harm Real Madrid. His true colors are showing, and there are many like him.

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