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A leaked VAR audio of Vinicius’ possible assault on Pozo: “He hits him in the face with his arm”

Scandal at the CTA after the appearance of a leaked VAR audio from the Real Madrid-Almería match. An audio from a play that was not reviewed on the monitor, that is, an audio that does not fall within the plays chosen to make public the conversations between the field referee and the referee who is in the VOR room.

That audio of the conversation between Hernández Maeso and Hernández Hernández corresponds to the moments after the play between Vinicius and Pozo, in the 86th minute and with 2-2 on the scoreboard, in which the Almería players were asking for a red card for the Brazilian for assault. The chat between the two, revealed by Jijantes, makes it clear that Hernández Hernández, VAR referee, does not think it is a reviewable action to expel the Brazilian and, therefore, does not send Hernández Maeso to the monitor.

“Possible foul in attack, I want to see it, a little further back. Phew, I want to see it in the short, eh,” Hernández Hernández says. “Nothing for me, a struggle between the two, he complains about the face,” Hernández Maeso replies from the grass. And the Canary Islander continues from the VAR: “Yes, when he’s going to take it away, with his arm, when he braces he hits him, he’s going to take it out of the way and he hits him in the face, okay?”. And he ends, giving the impression that the review is over: “Let’s go live”. That is, the play is reviewed and it is understood that it is not an assault. Therefore, it does not send Hernández Maeso to the monitor.

The CTA opens an investigation into the audio

“The audio is indeed from the Real Madrid-Almería match. The CTA has already opened an investigation to determine how it has been able to come out publicly without being a review on the monitor,” they explain from the Technical Referees Committee. It is the first time that an audio has been leaked from the VOR room, an audio that should not have been made public.

From the CTA, it will be investigated who leaked the audio and how a conversation between the field referee and the VAR referee that never should have left the Las Rozas room became public.

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Why is the hand to Bellingham reviewed and not Vini’s?

It is one of the complaints of Almería fans… and other teams. But it has a clear and simple explanation. Lopy’s hand to Bellingham is reviewed because the play ends in an Almería goal. As there is a previous infringement, it is punished and the referee understands that he must caution Lopy with a yellow card. In Vinicius’ action, the VAR never understands the play as deserving of a red card and, therefore, it is not reviewable.

Almería cries out for the possible assault

The cameras of El Golazo de Gol caught a possible assault by Vinicius on Pozo in the second half of the match at the Santiago Bernabéu that the VAR did not see and went unpunished for the Brazilian. A hard elbow to the face of the rival without the ball in play when he was trying to get away from his partner to try to head a cross from Bellingham.

“The VAR only intervenes in actions of a red card. In the possible assault by Vinicius on Pozo, the VAR referee understands that it is a struggle, similar to that of Bellingham in the Almería’s disallowed goal,” revealed former international referee César Muñiz Fernández.

After the match, the Almería players were very critical of the performance of Hernández Maeso on the field and Hernández Hernández in the VOR room. “Someone has decided that we couldn’t win here and that’s how it’s been,” Pubill lamented on DAZN on the field.

“We leave with the feeling that they have robbed us the match, that’s clear. I think nothing more could have been done from outside to get them into the match. There is no way to get it. Today’s surpasses all limits. The linesmen have threatened us and they will even think they have done it well. It hurts me a lot, but LaLiga is light-years ahead of the Premier League,” Melero criticized harshly. It remains to be seen if these statements will lead to any kind of sanction.

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