Gerard Piqué’s Relationship with Clara Chía’s Parents: A Tense Situation

Gerard Piqué, the creator of the Kings League, has been in the news lately for his controversies after leaving professional football. The former soccer player has been followed by the paparazzi in Barcelona since his separation with Shakira and his relationship with Clara Chía Marti.

However, a recent leak has revealed that Piqué and Clara Chía’s parents do not have a good relationship. The family of the 24-year-old has made it clear that they do not want Piqué with Clara.

As a result, Clara Chía has a strained relationship with her parents and has decided not to spend time with them while her partner is not around.

According to paparazzi Jordi Martin, the family’s decision was the trigger for the tension in the relationship. Although he did not specify the reasons, he stated that the parents of the young woman “do not want him.” From the beginning, they made it clear to the Spaniard that he could not even enter the family’s house.

“The family of Clara Chía does not want Piqué, the parents do not want him. He cannot step into the house of the young woman’s parents,” said the controversial photojournalist.

This situation is not new. Since the beginning of their relationship, the businessman and the young woman’s relationship has been called into question due to Piqué’s infidelity to Shakira and the details about their love affair that came to light.

The Spanish press has followed all the details and events of the couple. Despite the fact that both now show themselves publicly without problems, behind closed doors, the treatment of the Catalan and his girlfriend’s family is not the best.

According to Marti, the parents made it very clear to Piqué that they do not agree with the relationship. The situation remains tense, and it is unclear how it will develop in the future.

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