RMC Sport reveals that PSG is a powder keg: Luis Enrique does not forgive Mbappé and he is considering leaving

It is a reality to say that Paris Saint-Germain is going through a very difficult time in the season, despite having qualified for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League. They are playing at a very low level and things seem to be going wrong at the club.

The attitude of certain players and, above all, the relationship they have with their new coach does not seem to be the best, and this is generating more and more problems, both in the dressing room and on the pitch, where neither side seems to be able to get along.

However, it seems that Luis Enrique has a clear player that he does not seem to forgive, and that is Kylian Mbappé, who seems to be on the black list of the Spanish coach and could even be an option for the Parisian club to sell.

They can’t stand each other anymore

According to information from RMCSport, Mbappé’s attitude in recent Paris Saint-Germain matches seems to have complicated his relationship with Luis Enrique, who seems to be very disappointed with the French player and for the moment does not forgive his poor performances.

The player’s attitude seems to have been very different from what was expected when he arrived at the Parisian team, as the project looked very good at the beginning of the season and then it was diluted due to the bad feelings they give on the pitch.

At the moment it seems that the Frenchman is more outside than inside Paris Saint-Germain, as he has rejected all the renewal options that have been offered to him, and at the same time Real Madrid seems to be his destination.

The Mbappé soap opera is over

With all this news and the possibility of joining the white team, it seems that the Frenchman’s final destination will be the Spanish capital, and thus, he can start a new project with the best team in the world.

The article reports that there is a rift between Luis Enrique and Kylian Mbappé, the two most important players at Paris Saint-Germain. Luis Enrique is reportedly disappointed with Mbappé’s attitude and performances, and he does not forgive him for his recent poor performances. Mbappé, on the other hand, is reportedly considering leaving the club, as he has rejected all the renewal options that have been offered to him.

The article concludes that it seems that Mbappé’s final destination will be Real Madrid, as he has been linked with the Spanish club for several years.

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