The Real Madrid WhatsApp group ‘went wild’: there was a big rant

Lionel Messi is still living off that World Cup he won in December 2022. A year later, the Argentine continues to receive praise from the football world, and the Real Madrid dressing room doesn’t understand it at all. Today, the Rosario native was nominated for the FIFA’s The Best award alongside Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland. It’s surreal.

It’s difficult to understand why the current Inter Miami footballer keeps popping up in the spotlight of the best. It’s not at all understandable that he still continues to hog photos and covers at major galas. Nothing like this has ever been seen before.

The World Cup that the Albiceleste conquered, regardless of how it was won, was almost 365 days ago. It makes no sense that the different organizations continue with this bad joke. They should have had enough with the eighth Ballon d’Or.

It’s important to note that Messi is in a minor league, but we shouldn’t forget that he failed spectacularly with PSG. His time in the city of love was disappointing and he left through the back door.

Inside Real Madrid, they don’t understand anything. In fact, in the WhatsApp group of Carlo Ancelotti’s squad, they are amazed that he is among the candidates for The Best. They can’t understand the absence of Jude Bellingham and the presence of the former FC Barcelona player.

He doesn’t need these favors

Leo Messi, who for many is the best in history, doesn’t need to be given awards and/or nominations. They do him a disservice to his sporting career, given that many will remember him for these kinds of help that don’t put him in a good light.

The time of the Rosario native is over. It’s past. Now, he is enjoying football without any demands in MLS. Therefore, it makes no sense to put him at the level of the best at the moment. No matter who you are, he’s no longer at that table.

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